Difference Between Corporate Communication and Public Relations

A lot of jargon makes rounds in marketing, just like any other field. But some terms are used more commonly. Some concepts should be clear in the minds of people, especially people working in this field or the ones aspiring to do so. The most commonly used terms are Corporate Communications and Pr agency in Delhi. People often confuse the two terms and use them interchangeably. But that definitely isn’t the case. Yes, they are somewhat related but are very different from one another. Let’s discuss some of their differences in detail:


When it comes to the definition of these two terms, public relations can be defined as the process of using communication tools to manage the public image of a client, whether that is an individual or a brand. Whereas corporate communication refers to a set of activities that helps the business to communicate with its internal and external stakeholders.

Public Relations is used at the micro-level whereas corporate communications is a macro term. Corporate communications exists more on a macro level.

Type of audience

Another difference between the two is the type of audience that these two tend to deal with. When it comes to PR, the process tends to deal only with the external audience or stakeholders. It is concerned more about preserving the image of the client in the eyes of the public. More importantly, it focuses on external stakeholders like the media, the customers, the think tanks, the government, et cetera.

Whereas when it comes to corporate communication, it tends to deal with both external and internal audiences of the brand. It tends to preserve the image in the eyes of both these type of stakeholders. It also tries to form better relationship with those two.

The usage

Another difference between the two terms is based upon when they are used by the brands. When it comes to corporate communication, it tends to be based upon the mission and vision of the brand. It is a sustained activity. The goal is to reinforce what the mission and vision dictates, through their actions. Whereas, when we talk about PR, it tends to be a need specific activity and is goal based. PR can solve any unannounced problem or crisis. Being the Pr agencies in Delhi we understand the difference between these two concepts and the relevance of these in the marketing world.

Brand building Vs Image building

Another key difference is the long term goal of the process. Corporate communication is a strategic activity. The ultimate goal of which is brand building. With the set of activities performed, the aim is to reinforce the value of the brand in the minds of the consumers and paint a certain personality about it. On the other hand, PR is all about image building. As the definition of this process also points out, the main aim of this function of marketing is to preserve the image of the brand in the eyes of the stakeholders. It can be both strategic, and can be tactical, in case of a crisis.

The channel used

For the case of corporate communication, the communication process tends to take place directly, all around. There is no third party involved. On the other hand, in the case of public relation, a lot of communication happens via a third party. The third party in this case is media channels. This is one of the main reasons that media relation, in the field of public relation is quite an essential skill.

These are some of the major differences between public relation and corporate communication. Both are vital in the marketing world. It is essential that one understands the difference between these two.

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