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When it comes to building a positive reputation for your brand, public relations is the most cost-effective and finer way of doing it because the involvement of an outsider in covering the story of your brand enhances its credibility and builds trust among your customers. The term “public relations” refers to a group of methods that facilitate the development of beneficial relationships between businesses and their customers. PR entails the control of an organization’s reputation and the dissemination of information about it to the public, particularly through the media. PR is done through writing and distributing press releases, publishing on social media, planning events, conducting journalist interviews, etc.

A reputable PR agency can effectively promote your event by luring the media to cover it or attend, creating a buzz by raising awareness, and more. Event planners, PR experts, and other public relations specialists help with the design and execution of these events in order to achieve business goals.

Why choose twenty7inc.?

We, at Twenty7 Inc., firmly believe that the way a brand communicates with its stakeholders can change things up for them. We are a boutique PR agency founded to simplify all your communication needs and keep you on top of the contemporary competition. In this digitally driven era, we believe that content is king and can help you stay on par with your competitors. With our team of highly skilled media professionals, we are here to help you navigate and create content that resonates with your brand’s voice to make you stand out from the crowd. Being a PR agency in India, we understand the diverse needs of our clients and come up with customized solutions to all their communication needs.

To navigate through this cutthroat competition, we help you in customizing your services with the help of Focused Media Relations, Strategic Counseling, Crisis Communications, Online Advertising and Promotions, Designing Solutions, Strategic Media Planning, Creative Solutions, Publicity Counseling and Solutions, Web Development Services.


Building a Plan

Our generous mix of creativity and functional planning helps you develop a PR plan, and incorporate your brand into stories, news and relevant publications.

Telling Your Story

Stand out of the clutter to engage your audience meaningfully. Get yourself a strategy through storytelling and amplify the outreach through traditional and digital platforms

Leveraging Our Relations

Get help in engaging with not just media and customers, but also non-media stakeholders and investors to keep them abreast of your progress.

Measuring Success

Get customized reports into the success of a PR campaign and gauge important metrics like engagement rates, traffic, views to measure your ROI.

Understanding the difference between public relations and Marketing.

When it comes to driving sales and raising demand for your brand, marketing is the area of focus. If, however, you are more interested in building trust for your brand while enhancing its credibility, then using public relations is your best option. Public relations develop trust with the general public and important stakeholders, whereas marketing generates demand for a good or service. Marketing can be used to understand the sales trend, the demand for a particular product, and how traffic can be driven to your website while generating sales. On the other hand, public relations is a way of understanding your customers’ demands, making an effort to satisfy those demands, and connecting with them to ensure all the possible loopholes are rectified while addressing to all the dissatisfaction benevolently. Marketing is more of a strategy to understand and fills the gaps left by your competitors and how you can benefit from it, whereas public relation focuses more on relationship building which can be a great lead in retaining your customers. As a conclusion, we can state that marketing widely revolves around generating sales and ways of enhancing them, while public relation primarily focuses on building an organization’s position in the concerned market, i.e., enhancing brand reputation.

Twenty7 Inc. is a bunch of fresh young minds here to cater to all your communication needs. Being one of the top PR agencies in India, we offer expertise in various media fields ranging from Public Relations, especially digital PR, crisis management and digital marketing. Our clients can vouch for a hassle-free experience. We have worked with many renowned companies and brands around the globe.

We control and frame the way local, regional, national, and international media understand and view your brand. This PR company in Delhi maintains deep relationships with all journalists and editors in publications around the country. These relationships have taken a long time to develop. It is ensured through a mutual exchange of information and a well-adjusted association of confidence and trustworthiness.

We believe that in today’s market, consistency is the key to a great future. We at Twenty7 Inc. analyze, find and deliver 360° solutions for all your brand needs and requirements. We promote your brand name with the help of free and earned media, which are easy to achieve with the media relations we have established within the industry.



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PR Agency in Delhi


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