When it comes to using mediums and channels to communicate with the audience in marketing, there are primarily three types of channels available: owned, earned, and payed channels. These three are different from one another in many ways, and each tends to offer certain advantages to the brand upon effective usage. In this article, let us discuss what owned media is, why it is important, and why it is now essential that brands use these types of channels effectively.

What are owned media channels?

Owned media channels refer to any type of media channel that is fully owned and controlled by the brand. Common examples of owned media channels today, include social media handles, blogs, newsletters, and a website. Unlike other mediums, with owned media channels the brands have full control over what is being said and how it is being said, too.

Why is it essential for brands to use this medium?

Brands and customers both have realized the importance of using owned media channels, in the past few years.  You might have observed an increase in the number of brands that are active on social media, and more and more brands establishing a better website for their brand. Why is it that every brand is now trying to become more present across all mediums through their content. Let’s discuss:

Increased brand awareness

One of the most important reasons why establishing your brand’s presence through owned mediums is that it helps to increase brand awareness amongst the consumers. With things like SEO, along with an increase in demand for online shopping, it is very important that brands use owned mediums to establish their presence too. Using these mediums can help the brand to establish itself as a trusted named, and also to reach more potential customers. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we understand the importance of owned media channels and what their effective usage can do for a brand.

Consumers understand the brand better

If the consumer is already familiar with the name of the brand, and is regularly exposed to the content being put up by the brand itself on their channels, they are more likely to trust the brand. With owned media, brands have the advantage of controlling the narrative. They can use these channels to showcase the audience what they stand for, what they are striving to achieve, their morals, and their values. The customers can get a better gist of what the personality of the brand is like, with owned mediums.

More coverage on earned media channels

Another reason that the usage of owned media has become more and more important today is that it can help the brand to get more coverage on earned media channels. Earned media refers to the coverage the brand earns on another medium. Consumers often trust this type of coverage more, as a third party is advertising the brand. With owned media channels and their effective usage, brands can get noticed by other mediums which can again benefit the brand in many ways.

Establishing a distinct voice

In a market that has so many products available in the same category that product differentiation has almost become an essential element in the marketing process, owned media channels can help the brand to establish its own unique voice in the market. It can help the brand to stand out amongst the competitors of the brand, and also tell stories that resonate with them. The brands that have a distinct voice and stand out are more likely to be remembered by the consumer. Owned media channels are a great way to ensure this.

Hence, the importance of effectively using owned media has increased for brands in today’s world. Owned media channels can help the brand to increase brand awareness, attract more consumers, establish a distinct voice in the market; but most importantly it is important because it gives the full control to the brand itself, unlike other mediums available. Brands should look into the numerous possibilities that the world of owned media channels offers. And depending upon what works for them, should put in their best efforts to avail maximum benefits for their brand.


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