Are you a movie buff? Sick of the workload and craving a fun, productive movie marathon? Voila! You are at just the right place!

Working from home, thanks to the pandemic, has been taxing for all of us. Who does not miss the laughs and giggles with friends and colleagues? But hey, this is a great opportunity for you cinephiles to catch up on your long list of movies! Aside from blockbusters like the latest works of Christopher Nolan and Avengers movies to marvel at (pun intended), be sure to add in these flicks for the PR pro! While there is limited content that accurately presents the PR Industry, here are 4 gripping movies that will give you a sneak peek into the intricacies of the PR Industry.

Our Brand is Crisis (2015):

A once-revered, battle-hardened political consultant (starring Sandra Bullock) is hired as the lead of a campaign to help re-elect a controversial presidential candidate in Bolivia. The movie retracts the satirical curtain on political campaigns and delivers a good lesson on how to leverage and spotlight your clients’ strengths.

The film also highlights a common oversight present in the present corporate culture: fuzzy brand messaging. Instead of adapting strategies based on their relevance to the audience, many brands stick to their old, conventional ways, hesitant to change, thus hindering their potential for further success. To have a sneak-peek into crisis management and what to do (or what not to do) vis-a-vis branding, this movie is definitely worth a watch.

Jerry Maguire (1996):

 A perfect amalgamation of sports, romance, and drama; the movie’s PR tips are a cherry on the top! Jerry Maguire’s moral compass conflicts with his expected work at his agency. He condemns the stereotype of PR and represents a newfangled image of a PR practitioner.  On asserting his ethics, he is fired and has to claw his way back by proving his mettle to all his previous clients, only to start his very own agency ultimately.  The film has a plethora of wise words for PR Pros. Check out this article entirely dedicated to social media lessons from Jerry Maguire’s quotes.

The Social Network (2010):

Digital media is undoubtedly an integral part of Public Relations in this day and age. The movie depicts how the Harvard newspaper helped put the new Social Media platform on the map in the university- and that’s where all the fun began – and continued with negatively planted stories. It narrates an excellent business story of a social-media giant we all know about, Facebook, while encompassing both digital media and more traditional public relations stories.

Wag The Dog (1997):

A classic PR must-see, the film is an American political satire black comedy film produced starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro. After being caught in a sex scandal 14 days before the election, the president has a slim chance of getting re-elected. The screenplay centers on one of his PR advisers and a Hollywood producer who, to distract the voters, fabricate a war in Albania that the President can bring to a historical end, all with the help of mass media. The movie truly exemplifies the adage: If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.

Happy binging!


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