iPleaders Case Study


IPLEADERS is a thriving ecosystem that offers great insight, learning, products, and services across the legal ecosystem. IP leaders consist of a team of lawyers hell-bent on figuring out ways to make the law more accessible. While the lack of access to affordable and timely legal support cuts across all sectors, classes and people in India, where it is missed most,  surprisingly, are business situations.


The concept of business lawyers is still nascent in this country, and while there are world-class law firms catering to top-of-the-market clients like investment banks, PE or VC funds,  financial powerhouses, and multi-national corporations – there are very few if at all workable, options for the common businessman, the SME manager or the start-up founder.  iPleaders began in 2010 to address this market with the help of technology and education.


The overall objective of iPleaders is to advocate businessmen, including technology entrepreneurs who can manage the majority of legal issues by themselves efficiently if they are equipped with basic knowledge and resources. A major focus area of iPleaders has been researching and developing resources through blogging, educational resources, workshops,  and interactive software that entrepreneurs can use themselves as an aid during decision making.


The biggest challenge was to make the law accessible through iPleaders which has multiple initiatives on its platform which cover diverse aspects of legal and business activities to bridge gaps between the legal academia and industry. Also, aware the fraternity about iPleaders which also provides assistance to the university in the identification of relevant subject matter experts and e-learning content creation.


1.Extensive research identified gaps and promoting iPleaders among the successful &  unique start-ups.

2.Effective involvement of media.

3.Participation in industry stories

4. Creating blogs to create more engagement among students.


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