Disclaimer of FAQs

All the requests and consultant/employee support queries and faqs are subjected to the decision and dissection of the management, and its decision is final. Management is up and open for discussion regarding the same if and when required.

The notice period for employees under probation is 30 Days.

The notice period post-confirmation for employees is 2 Months.

The notice period for leadership-level employees is 3 Months.

The decision to allow buyout of the notice period completely rests with the Management.

Separation procedures for employees leaving the company include completing exit formalities, clearance from various departments, and returning office assets.


Exit formalities required for employees leaving the company include exit interview and exit clearance.

If an employee fails to get clearance during the exit process, it will lead to holding the Full and Final amount.


The policy regarding damaged IT assets found with an exiting employee is that the employee will have to pay the cost of repair.


Employees cannot avail leave during the notice period.


Work From Home is not allowed during the notice period.

Comp Offs can be availed during the notice period post written approval from the Team Lead and HR.

Waivers are allowed during the notice period with specific rules for the number of waivers allowed based on the last working day.

A copy of the accepted resignation letter shall be sent to the Accounts department for full and final settlement.

Leaves are calculated on a pro-rata basis for the year for employees who have resigned.

Assets/stationery that must be returned by resigning employees include all office assets/stationery.

Handover of duties for resigning employees is ensured by the HOD/Team Leader of the particular department/team.

Deactivation of employee access is handled by the IT Department on the last working day.

Laptops/data cards provided to employees upon resignation are to be retrieved back, and clearance needs to be given from the IT Department.

The Finance Department ensures that there are no pending dues from the employee’s end in the resignation process.

Before termination in cases related to PoSH, a notice must be given as per the PoSH policy.

The procedure for inquiries related to PoSH involves following the guidelines and procedures outlined in the PoSH policy.

Documentation required for PoSH inquiries includes relevant evidence, statements, and any other supporting documents.

Respondents are interviewed during PoSH inquiries following the established procedures and guidelines.

The policy regarding work from home at Twenty7 Inc. is that it is not allowed during the notice period.

Employees enrolled in the Connected Workplace program are expected to adhere to the guidelines and expectations outlined in the program.

 Employees cannot engage in personal activities during work hours while working from home.

The eligibility criteria for the work-from-home program at Twenty7 Inc. is not specified in the provided content.

Employees should request planned work-from-home days following the procedures outlined by the company.

The non-compete clause for employees at Twenty7 Inc. is not specified in the provided content.

The non-disclosure policy at Twenty7 Inc. covers confidential information and data that employees may have access to during their employment.

These FAQs cover a range of topics related to notice periods, separation procedures, PoSH inquiries, work-from-home policies, non-compete clauses, and non-disclosure policies at Twenty7 Inc.