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Why You Need To Focus More on Local SEO In 2020.

The geographical component of local SEO makes it more important for businesses to address the concerns of nearby potential buyers. Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of shopping; therefore, businesses need to adapt separate strategies for organic SEO and local SEO. The numbers of statistics also support the increased importance of local SEO in 2020 for businesses looking for new ways to manage the shift in online shopping behavior.      

Paradigm Shift In Buying Behavior Adds More Value to Local SEO In 2020:

 People who have been reluctant for online shopping so far are setting up their online accounts to experience the ease of shopping while staying safe from Covid-19. Almost 47.2% of US buyers are searching online stores to meet out their requirements (source:

More than 42% of respondents accepted the change in their shopping practices because of the COVID-19 outbreak (EY Future Consumer Index, 23 Apr 2020). More than 72% of customers visit the business within five-six miles that they select from local searches. Almost 97% of online shoppers know more about a business of their interest through local searches. The searches with “Near me” increased manifold since January 2020.

Benefits of Local SEO You Can’t Afford To Miss:

  1. Improves visibility  in local searches
  2. More targeted traffic 
  3. Better quality leads
  4. The improved conversion rate for increased profitability 
  5. More referral and repeat business
  6. Enhanced Google Maps visibility
  7. The improved  customers’ relationship
  8. Low cost of branding
  9. More numbers of brand loyalists
  10. Support for organic SEO

Local SEO Factors Empowered By Covid-19: 

  1. Google my business
  2. On-page signals
  3. Online reviews
  4. Backlink profile
  5. Online citations
  6. Click-through rate (CTR)
  7. Mobile clicks to calls
  8. Social media check-ins
  9. Local content
Source: Case Study By Moz

 Low-Cost Local SEO Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business Performance:

  • Local keyword intent
  • Conduct local link building
  • Actively seek out Google reviews
  • Be consistent with your NAP (name, address, and phone number) listings
  • Add location pages to business  website
  • Keep your GMB listing up to date with new content
  • Review the top-performing content to update and optimize it for the current shopping behaviors.
  • Narrow the gap between ‘you’ and ‘we’. Address the individuals’ concerns.
  • The downtime is not for sitting ideal and waiting for the storm get settled; instead, plan and act strategically and swiftly to get early bird advantages.
  • Ensure ORM, CRM, SMM, content management system (CMS) being the part of your local SEO package.  
  • Do value to local SEO as much as you do to organic SEO; therefore, hire the best local SEO agency.  

Concluding Note:

Covid-19 has changed the way of marketing adding more values to personalized tactics. The steady rise in social media marketing campaigns from 10th Feb to 9th March 2020 reflects the focus of businesses on tapping the local buyers. The leading local SEO companies in India have structured demographic local SEO service packs to facilitate the businesses to target the particular buyers’ segment. The mantra to go ahead is – fix the goals, fix a budget, hire the top local SEO company, review the results, and optimize the activities for better gains.