Why Social Media is an Important PR Tool in The Pandemic Times

Why Social Media is an Important PR Tool in The Pandemic Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, till now. Our lives have gotten more and more, digital in these trying times. All of us have been spending an increased amount of our day in front of a screen, whether it is our phones or our laptops. Another thing that has increased in the pandemic times is the amount of time spent by netizens on social media. This means that social media as a marketing tool in pandemic times, should not be neglected by brands. Especially when it comes to PR, social media in these trying times can do a lot of good to a brand. Let’s find out why brands should not ignore social media in today’s scenario.

The Increase in Users

The biggest reason why social media is important for brands now more than ever, is the rapid change in numbers. The number of people using social media has increased a lot, so has the time spent by a user on every platform. Along with that, there has been a rise in the number of news users as well. Whatever the reason for this increase might be, this data points out the necessity for brands to make their mark on these platforms. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we understand the power of social media, and how it can act as a tool for brands.

A Sense of Community

Another reason that social media is very relevant for brands today, is to join in on a chance to create a sense of community. These are trying times- times when people have been trying to help each other out, amongst all the chaos. Remember how during the second wave, the internet was flooded with requests for oxygen cylinders and for the availability of beds? And how people were trying their best to help each other out? In times like these, brands can create a sense of community by helping out in their own ways. This would help people to see the brands in a better light.

To Inform and Educate The Public

In times like these, informing people about how they are handling the situation at their end, how they are treating their employees, how they are helping their employees to cope with such times, is something that can really alter the way people will see your brand. And the best way to do that is through social media. Research has shown that nowadays, people do care about the ethics and morals behind the brand, and in trying times like these, letting people know that your brand is doing everything they should help out their employees, can really let the audience understand the core values of the brand.

Need for Content Creation

In such trying times, people often turn to various platforms in order to distract themselves or to entertain themselves, since all of us have been stuck inside for some time now. This means that there are more opportunities and need for content creation too. With such a high increase in the usage of these platforms, good content creation can work very well in favor of the brands, and help them reach a new set of audiences too.

Better SEO Results

If a brand is handling the crisis well and is using social media to its best possible use, it can help the brand achieve better SEO results too. All the brand needs to do, is keep in mind the kind of content and information that the audience is seeking from the brand, and put it out there. Doing so can help them get more visibility on the internet space and even increase the reach of the website.

Social media, as we all know, is a very powerful tool. Using it to its best use in such trying times can help brands gain many advantages, some of which can last for a long time. With the increase in the usage of social media and the change in the usage pattern, it is important for brands to make their mark on these platforms even more, in today’s world.

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