Why are you not getting any leads from your PR campaign?

Why are you not getting any leads from your PR campaign?

Many people hire a PR agency or a publicist to generate leads. I generally get a lot of questions about it. The brands are often worried about not getting new leads or an increase in the number of users. There might be several reasons behind not getting leads even after a good PR campaign.

 1. Wrong targeted customer– If your PR communication is directed towards the wrong targeted customer, it will be difficult to generate new leads. Using the right article placement for your brand is the key. If the articles are not placed to mediums that are not read by your target audiences then the activity is not going to reap the benefit for you.

2. Attractive headline- Look, today’s attention spanof human beings became short. Due to the over usages of social media, theentire human race is suffering from less attention span. Keeping the same inmind, one needs to do/use tactics to gain the attention of your targeted group.If your campaign lacks a wow or shock element it is not going to work. 

3. Irregularity- Look, we all know, Rome was notbuild in a day. And you can’t built any brand with one PR campaign. You knowwhat, I always suggest that to reap long term benefit for PR or for thatinstance; any such marketing exercise, one should never look for short termengagement. If you look for short-term PR engagement, the outcome will be forthe short term, not for the long. So, whenever you decide to do itcontinuously.

I have mentioned a few points above that might be a few reasons for a less impactful PR campaign. There are more reasons like an opportunity, timings etc, plays a major role in a successful PR exercise. Finally, my closing point would be, hire a top PR agency for your brand and work with them. Have patience and trust them, you will see the result very soon.

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