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What is the future of newcomers in digital marketing?

With the current internet penetration, digital marketing comes with great job opportunities for newcomers

Recent years have seen a sudden rise in the use of the internet. Which was possible due to their low cost. This penetration helped businesses to reach out to the expanding consumers. Hence, opened up new doors for digital marketing. Looking at the current situation, it is a growing industry with great opportunities for newcomers.

In this digital era, businesses need to put in more effort to increase their product visibility in the market. For which they need to run various activities. From search engines to social media, email websites, etc. they need to handle it all to connect with the consumers. Moreover, nowadays brands hire influencers to promote their products.

Here comes the role of a digital marketer. They can handle these very smoothly as they have in-depth knowledge in this field. Let’s list some of the roles that are gaining popularity in the current time.


The popularity of influencer marketing gave birth to micro-influencers. In influencer marketing, the brands promote their products through someone that the consumers trust. But being very expensive, it could not be approached by MSMEs.

Therefore, to help them there came the existence of micro-influencers. They have a reach to the medium-sized audience (about 30,000 followers). Due to this, they have a better engagement rate where they can pay attention to their followers. Therefore, they have more time to generate original content that is relevant.

This helps them to become popular enough to be influential but in the process not stress on sponsorship.


Vlogging has gained immense popularity in recent years. This was possible because of its direct, personal, and empathizing content. These helped them in better connecting with the audience leading to making strong relations with them.

Though being personal this platform can be practical along with marketing strategy. Therefore, the brands can generate better visibility in the market by collaborating with vloggers.

One has various options from live-streaming to posting important events. In turn, these help in creating a strong brand image, developing business-to-consumer relationships, and increases engagement with the target audience.

Thus, vloggers have a very promising future ahead-considering their widespread acceptance by the mass.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the next big thing dominating the digital marketing world. It has great scope for commercial opportunities. Therefore, it is very important for companies and particularly digital marketers to get familiar with AI.