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What is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is a relatively new concept in the marketing world. With the advent of the internet, and the growth in social media users over the years it has become quite a popular concept. So what does this term mean?  Let’s try to understand the concept of buzz marketing in detail and see why it is so popular nowadays:

What is buzz marketing?

Buzz marketing is a very easy concept to understand. In fact, you most likely already have some familiarity with the concept. Buzz marketing, as the name points out is all about creating buzz around something. It tends to use a viral marketing technique that is focused on maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of the thing in focus. The word of mouth is the most essential element in this concept. Brands try to create buzz around something, say a product, or an event, or a campaign,  and try to get people talking about that thing on the internet and in real life as well. They often use content that is unusual or that stands out in the consumer’s mind to create this buzz. The more people talk about the subject in focus, the more people are more likely to pay attention to it, and the chances of the brand gaining from it are higher. Another thing to remember with buzz marketing is that knowing one’s target audience well is quite an important aspect of it. You need to know what will make them feel intrigued, and what will have them talking.

Let’s take a common example. Say two new movies come out on the same day. You are planning to go for one, but are yet to decide which one. One has a lot of buzz around it and the other one does not. Most people are likely to go for the first one, because of the buzz factor. This is the same in the marketing world. The customer is more likely to buy a product, or attend an event, which more has more people talking about it. And buzz marketing is all about trying to create the said buzz through various moves by the brand.

Let’s now discuss some of the benefits of this concept, and try to understand how it tends to benefits the brands:

Price factor

One of the biggest advantages of buzz marketing is that is a much cheaper alternative, as compared to other marketing tools and concepts. The main focus for brands is to understand their audience well. And to know what will have them buzzing. If they know that, they can save a lot of money, and still manage to make profits. It is considered to be an effective promotional strategy.

Allows the brand to focus better

Whether the subject in focus is a campaign, a product launch, or an event, brands spend a lot of time first completing that work, and then more time on promotions for it. With buzz marketing, brands can pay more attention to the subject in focus, say a new product. They would not have to spend a large chunk of their time on the promotional aspect. Being the Twenty7 Inc. PR agency in Delhi, we understand the benefits of this marketing concept well.

Creates an instant connection with the audience

The focus of this marketing concept is the audience. The brand does not have to spend time on promotional tools and tactics. And since the main aim of the brand with such a concept is creating a buzz, the audience in fact sees the brand in a better light. They often don’t even recognize that they are being sold to.

Buzz marketing can hence benefit the brand in many ways when the situation is right. Like any other concept in marketing, there are many things to consider before putting this concept to practice for a brand. If the situation fits well, it can help the brand in many ways. Buzz marketing is a fairly new concept in marketing, which has become more relevant with the growth of the internet.