Public relations are all about keeping the company’s image favorable in the eyes of the public and resolving any problem that might turn into a disaster. A public relations agent is in charge of promoting the company’s image as well as resolving public relations issues. A PR crisis occurs when a firm or organization is confronted with humiliation, unfavorable press, or demeaning publicity. PR problems may be extremely harmful to a firm and can also spread like wildfire in today’s digital age. Bad press, scandals, accidents, and other factors can all contribute to a public relations crisis. If a public relations crisis develops, it can never be ignored; it can only be averted and the most difficult part is determining how you and your team respond to the issue and act. 

Some PR crises faced by large firms

Some examples of large companies who have faced a PR crisis are:

  • Uber: Uber had to deal with sexual harassment and safety issues.
  • Taco bells: Taco bells had to deal with employee behavior issues. 
  • Facebook: Facebook had to deal with data privacy issues.

Need for crisis management

Any company that has been around for a long time will eventually encounter unfavorable publicity, whether it is their fault or not. In situations like these, a solid plan and management are required to keep the company’s reputation intact. A public relations crisis manager would simply prepare your firm for such situations ahead of time, making it easier for you to handle the issue.

Most important aspects of good crisis management


Planning may be a powerful tool for a firm since it allows a public relations professional to foresee the severity of a crisis that is approaching the company, allowing the agent to develop a reaction plan that will help them respond to the issue more successfully.


In a crisis, the public is focused not just on a company’s faults, but also on how it controls the issue and responds to the audience. Employees and other corporate personnel should be well-trained and prepared for a disaster. Thus, training is an important element of crisis management.

Assistance with Execution

A PR expert is trained to handle a public relations crisis, and all businesses require support and guidance. Any PR firm you choose will assist you in steering the company through the crisis and post-crisis period.

Managing a Public Relations Crisis

Putting together a response squad

Before a PR crisis happens, a reaction team should be established. This allows the firm to be better prepared for the issue and manage it more successfully.

Before a calamity, it is better to keep an eye on the situation.

It’s critical to keep track of everything that’s going on in the firm, including consumer feedback and media comments. This enables the company to operate quickly and effectively in the event of a catastrophe.

Before commenting, be sure you understand the situation.

Before taking any action, the problem must be comprehended, as the company must provide a proper explanation of the dilemma and how it may be resolved. It is critical to earning people’s trust since they are the ones who feel betrayed. 

Avoid doing this during a public relations crisis.


Even if the other party has said something utterly untrue and unimportant, being cool during a crisis is critical.

Choosing not to say anything

People demand a good explanation for the mistrust they believe they have experienced. Therefore, saying nothing or not reacting at all is not an option. Positive comments have the potential to influence many people’s perspectives, which may be advantageous to the organization. All public statements should be well-planned and structured, as this will restore consumer trust in the firm.

Overreacting or under-reacting

Handling a public relations issue is a delicate subject. Each action should be meticulously planned and executed on time. Responding too quickly might result in unexpected responses that hurt the company’s image while responding too late can give the impression of carelessness to the audience. As a result, before acting, every detail should be considered.

PR crisis management considers all aspects of the situation and responds quickly and efficiently. A public relations crisis can strike at any time and without warning. As a result, it is critical to plan ahead of time and manage the situation.


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