Top 4 Colleges in India that Offer a Course in PR

Top 4 Colleges in India that Offer a Course in PR

Education is undoubtedly very important. It helps us become more aware about our surroundings, our history, where we come from, how this world functions, and it also helps us in becoming a better citizen of the society. Another thing education does, it makes us capable enough to earn a living. College education is one major milestone in that. When we talk about public relations as a subject of specialization, not many colleges offer a course in it in India yet. Let’s look at the top five Indian colleges that do offer a course in public relations, for the people who are interested in kick-starting their PR career:

Indian Institute of Mass Communication

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication or IIMC is one of the most renowned colleges in India that offer courses in the field of mass communication. It is based in Delhi. They offer PG diplomas in various fields like journalism, advertising and public relations, and radio and TV production. The courses are taught by many well known teachers. The institute is also known to have had many famous media professionals as it’s alum. The placements offered are great, with some of the top PR agencies recruiting the students. The admission process involves a written test, followed by a group discussion and interview. Although with the pandemic, the admission is being done, solely on the basis of the written test.

Xavier’s Institute of Communication

Based in Mumbai, XIC is another common name people often mention when one talks about courses being offered in the media industry. They too offer PG diploma courses in various media fields like public relations, TV and film production, event management, and journalism amongst a few. They also offer certificate courses. They are known for their placements and their renowned teaching faculty. Their syllabus is designed to make the students well equipped for the jobs they want to get in the future. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we understand the value a good education can bring to one’s life.

YMCA Institute for Media Studies & Information Technology

Another popular institute for media studies, YMCA offers some courses that students might be interested in. It is based in Delhi, and was established in 1984. They offer a variety of diploma courses, both at a PG and at an UG level. The courses offered, range from subjects from public relations, advertising, event management, journalism, TV production and photography amongst a few. The type of courses offered is diploma. It is recognized as one of the best places to specialize in public relations in India.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Based in Delhi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, is a place that offers various courses for students to specialize in the media field. It offers courses in subjects like public relations, event management, marketing and sales management, business journalism, and international trade. The admission takes place through an interview, which is followed by a written test for the candidates. The website of this place claims to have centers in over 112 places in India, along with 8 overseas as well. It is recognized as a good place for specializing in the media field of your choice.

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