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Tips to make the authored articles impressive

In contemporary times, it is not a difficult task to write. People hailing from different experiences can write content. But before writing it is crucial to understand that not all content is the same. Among the various kinds of writing, the authored article is considered to be the most authentic form of writing.

Writing an authored article is not a cakewalk. Some may consider it to be as easy as any blog post. But delving deeper into the process, it comes to light that authored article has many layers to it. Writing an impactful authored article requires time and work. This showcases the writer’s expertise in a particular topic and establishes them as the thought leader or industry leader.

Here are some tips to write an impactful authored article:

  • Be original as much as possible

As compared to before, today with the coming in of the digital boom, the content has seen a sudden rise. Content is everywhere. In such a scenario of brimming content, one can stand out by staying original.

In such an aware era, copying content will lead you nowhere. Originality gives authenticity to the article. This will give rise to uniqueness. New innovative ideas are the key to generating impactful content.

  • Addressing the article with a strong headline

The very first thing that readers notice is the headline. Hence, give the authored article an impressive headline. Creating a strong headline is very instrumental in arousing the interest amongst the readers.

The headline is like the cover of the book. If it is successful in enticing the readers, it can go a long way in finding a place in their study table. Likewise, the headline can decide the fate of the article. If it impresses the readers then the probability of it being read by the readers is high.

According to a survey, 80 per cent of the people only read the headline. It is only 20 per cent who read the article. An impressive headline grabs the attention of the readers.

  • The content should engage the audience and be thought-provoking

Start with an enticing introduction. The first few words give the reflection of the article and set the tone of the entire topic. Like the heading, the introduction also acts as the deciding factor in going ahead with the article.

Secondly, a mould the content in the form of a story. Readers find it interesting to read a piece in the form of a story. It gives them clarity and also adds on to the worth of the article. This technique makes the content very engaging.

  • Accuracy adds to the authenticity of the article

Invest proper time in research. The article should be supported by statistics. On top of it, one should make sure to verify the authenticity of the statistics and information. To come up with valid information, one needs to go in for proper in-depth research of the topic.

This gives meaningful insight to the readers. Moreover, this will fetch a loyal reader base who will be able to relate with your content.

Thus, it is not just about writing the content. It is important to generate high-quality content to make the authored article impressive and authentic. As the authored article is not just any article but it talks about a particular industry or topic, giving the readers meaningful insights about it.

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