The Relevance of Influencer Marketing in the Digital Era

The Relevance of Influencer Marketing in the Digital Era

With the rapid growth of the internet and the ever-rising increase in the number of social media users, one of the things that have changed is the meaning of the term ‘influencer’. No longer are influencers limited to celebrities and just a few bloggers. Now influencers are also people on social media, who have a high follower count and have established their name as a content creator, within this set of followers. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we also observed an often higher engagement rate, when it comes to social media influencers.

Influencer Marketing is hence, marketing through these individuals, who are often seen as experts within their niche and is a type of social media marketing today. And since influencers carry a lot of credibility within their niche, and garner a lot of trusts over the years, their recommendations are often seen more like a word of mouth, than a marketing gimmick by people. A brand can also more easily target its target audiences by identifying the influencers who have garnered a name in the same industry. The word of mouth aspect of influencer marketing, makes it an effective digital PR strategy, that more and more brands have been adapting to over the years.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

The biggest advantage of influencer marketing is that by simplify identifying the key influencers working in the same niche as the brand, a large target audience can be targeted. For example, a make-up artist on Instagram, endorsing a make-up product is more likely to have an influence over his viewers. This is because the people following him, are doing so because they are interested in beauty and wellness. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we have personally seen this advantage being played out and giving great results.

Similarly, the word of mouth aspect of influencer marketing, makes it seem more trustworthy. Over the years, influencers engage with their viewers more than any bigger celebrity would, and hence build a more trusting relationship within their fan base. Hence, their word of mouth is more likely to be trusted by their audiences. Further, as the best PR agency in Delhi, we have observed that it is a much more cost-effective tool of marketing available in the era of the digital age.

Big brands too are aware of the growing relevance of this marketing tool, with more and more big names trying their hand out at it nowadays. Especially with the pandemic, after everything has been shifting to the online space, brands aren’t scared to try out this tool. Bumble, Samsung, Adidas, Amazon, LG, AirAsia, Domino’s Pizza, are all just a few examples of brands who have tried their hand out at it, and have gotten good results.

Even though more and more brands are trying their hand out at influencer marketing, many brands are still skeptical about investing in this tool, and choose to stay away from it, investing more in other tools they deem as more effective. Regardless of this debate, influencer marketing is here to stay for a while, without a doubt. As long as we keep seeing a rampant growth in the number of internet and social media users, an increase in number of content creators on all platforms, and an increase in their follower-count, influencer marketing will prevail.

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