The Importance of PR in Digital Marketing

The Importance of PR in Digital Marketing

With the internet has grown a lot over the last few years, digital marketing was bound to as well. The number of people that use the internet has been increasing rapidly over the last few years. Especially with the pandemic, the number of smartphone and internet users was seen to have increased even more rapidly. Digital marketing hence is a tool in IMC that can no longer be ignored by the brands. The numbers and results have time and again shown how important and beneficial this tool is.

Within digital marketing, comes digital PR. Digital PR in simple words is the process of using digital communication tools to manage the image of a brand in the eyes of its consumers. Let’s discuss why digital PR is such an important tool within the concept of digital marketing:

Increase in traffic

A lot of PR revolves around getting media coverage for the brand in focus. This includes maintaining good relationships with journalists and other people working in various media fields. The coverage that the brand receives is likely to lead to an increase in website traffic, as well as traffic on their social media handles. Further, another digital PR tool is the owned media channels of the brand. Using them effectively can also further increase the traffic to the brand’s website.

Increased brand awareness

The more the brand is visible on the digital platforms, the more likely are new and potential consumers likely to get exposed to the brand. Using owned and earned media channels effectively is a core task of digital PR. When done well, it can benefit the brand in many ways. More content and presence means, higher are the chances for the consumers to be exposed to the brand. The higher hence are chances of more brand awareness. Being the Top 10 PR Agencies in Delhi, we understand the importance of digital PR and using those tools effectively.

Increase in sales

Another benefit of using digital PR effectively is an increase in sales for the brand. This goes hand in hand with the first two benefits in fact. When there is more traffic to the website, and there is more brand awareness, combined with the fact that consumers are more likely to trust a third party and see the brand as a credible name, the sales are also likely to go up. This is a great way to even track the progress of your work and analyze what needs to get better and whatnot. This is because sales can be tracked easily and tend to have a quantitative figure attached to them.

Better SEO rankings

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very important key concept in digital marketing. Nowadays, all of us have the habit of going on Google and searching for every little question that pops into our minds. The same goes for our shopping needs as well. All of us search on the internet about our shopping needs and wants. Digital PR can become a game-changer for brands here. Better SEO rankings mean that your brand is more likely to appear in the first few searches on the search engine. Given the fact that most people go with the first few searches, and don’t scroll down often is a good enough reason for brands to pay attention to their digital PR.

Trust and credibility

Another major reason digital PR should not be neglected by the brands in this digital age is that it helps to bring credibility to the name of the brand. Consumers tend to trust a brand more when they have already heard or read about the brand somewhere. And given the fact that earned media involves a third party talking about the brand, the consumers tend to trust that source more rather than the ads being put out by the brand itself.

Hence, digital PR is a very important part of the digital marketing world. It offers many benefits to the brand and can help the brand to achieve many of its set goals and missions in the long run, when used effectively.

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