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The Evolution of PR Communication In The Era of The Internet

Ways of communication always been evolving

I am 32 yrs old. I am a 90s kid and I feel I am living in an era of change. My first memory of television was a box with back and white picture quality. I had seen PCO located near Paan shop in my village. Akashwani was the only radio that was there.  Many more such things were there that you can’t see right now around you. The way things changed. In the way the communication.

All these things that I had mentioned above was a medium of communication. Not even the mediums were different but they were limited. I still remember; in my village, people use to gather around one person and that person with a loudspeaker used to announce. Same things were being used by businesses as well.
The way due to the lack of yrs of revolution has brought the Homosapien what we are right now. The same goes for every other sector. Every sector in this market has gone through that phase.

Pictures to Voice :

The first evolution that took place in communication; was pictorial representation. As in through pictures. When the camera was invented in the 19th century. It gave us another eye with memory to capture the moment and communicate. Many incidences took place in the field of communication after that.

The invention of Radio:

While pictures were the one way of communication as of now. Then the invention that shook the world and given a new edge to communication was the invention of the Radio. Source- .

I find it so fascinating when for the first time someone heard the human voice on the radio. The invention of the radio has changed communication so much so that it was like the beginning of a new era. It allowed us to communicate with the mass.

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