Some PR and Communication Lessons That the Pandemic Has Taught

Some PR and Communication Lessons That the Pandemic Has Taught

It’s been more than a year, ever since the pandemic struck worldwide and disrupted our lives. Over this course of time, all of us have somehow managed to change with time and adapt to these sudden and abrupt changes. Brands and communication professionals too, when first struck with the first wave of the pandemic had struggled to adapt, but sometimes did so and have along the way, learned some valuable lessons that have stayed with them. And with the second wave hitting us, here are some lessons in PR and communications that the pandemic has so far taught us.

Evaluate, then respond

When the pandemic first struck, one of the first challenges communication experts faced was how little information was available about the virus. Even now, although we have a better grasp of the virus, things still keep changing from time to time. One of the biggest lessons brands and communication experts have learned, is that one needs to give such sudden and drastic changes some time to unfold. Within this time, one needs to evaluate the situation at hand and then prepare a response. Brands should although, not take too long to reply either. A fully informed and detailed response should be prepared.

Content should still remain a priority

Over the last year, media executives have learned this lesson worldwide. No matter what the medium is, good content always stands out and attracts people. Whether it is a good podcast, an informative blog post, or a simple social media live, consumers will engage with the content that they deem as interesting.  Brands and communication professionals should also try to empathize with their customers in such unprecedented times, and not try to act like everything is normal. Adapting their content on the basis of what the customer might be feeling in such tines, is much appreciated. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we understand this very well and try to always do so.

Be transparent about operations

In no time since the pandemic got struck, brands were coming out with press releases as to how they will be handling operations, in such times. They tried to shed light upon how they will be taking care of their employees, how their products or services will be altered and delivered, and how the brand will be engaging in any community services. Being transparent about operations in such a situation makes the consumers trust the brand more, which might drive their purchasing habits. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we try to make sure that we keep this in mind while drafting out our communication plans.

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