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Some Common Misconceptions Associated With Public Relations

It has been a while since Public Relations has been introduced in the corporate world. Referring to the name people assume that public relation has to do something with relationships maintained by or with the public. But, just like how people form a rough idea around Public Relations just by its name, they also tend to mystify the field.

But, today I will make sure to clear out some very common and basic misconceptions associated with Public Relations.

Public Relations is a glamourous profession

Many times people confuse Public Relations to be more of a glamorous and fascinating profession. But the truth is, it has nothing to do with glamour or class. Although, the fact that Public Relations need to have contacts with the press or media cannot be denied; it definitely does not turn it into a glamorous or high-class profession. These are, as I mentioned, just a myth or a misconception.

You need to have great contacts

Now, what do contacts refer to here? Will a person with less or maybe even no contact be able to stand up in the market all by himself/herself? Well, to your surprise absolutely yes. It does not matter if you know or are totally unaware of anyone renowned or on a high post in the corporate world. But, it definitely matters as to how and what you perform. Even stronger connections will not be able to help you out if you do not have basic knowledge of how and what you are doing. So, having great and powerful contacts in terms of PR is also a very big myth.

One needs to be an extrovert to be a good Public Relations Specialist

Being an extrovert as a PR Specialist is something that definitely compliments your success. But it will not be the ultimate solution to your problems. Although, I do agree that being an extrovert adds up to your benefit but it could not be totally relied upon. One must have the knowledge and experience which will initially add value to your stories.

Social media rules

In today’s digital era everyone is into their smartphones, scrolling and surfing on the internet. But, do you think that everyone knows how to operate and use social media? Absolutely not. But still social media has become a vital part of our daily lives. But as a Public Relations specialist, one must always keep in mind to target their audience. Now their audience may or may not be aware of social media and its usage. And that is where this myth is demystified. One must not always rely upon social media. Though it is a good platform, it should not be considered the best platform.

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Public Relations is free and easy

Many people think that the term associated with Public Relations i.e. an earned media refers to Public Relations being free and affordable. But it is not what people think it to be. Public Relations as an earned media means it is a media that is earned in respect of the brand image, position, brand visibility, etc. Thus, the notion that PR is free and easy is wrong and baseless.


In the end, I think people have mistaken the concept of Public Relations in many different ways. Although some of them still sound perfectly fine. But in reality, none of them is true and hence is misleading the public, market and the new business persons.