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Six important life lessons Public Relation taught us

Life is full of surprises and every surprise has a life lesson hidden in it. It totally depends upon the person to untangle the mystery and learn the life lesson associated with it.

Similarly, the corporate world too keeps on witnessing twists and turns during its different phases and stages. And it is the responsibility of a businessman to understand and learn the life lessons hidden in them.

Today, we will be learning six very important life lessons public relations has taught us.

Public Relation and Life Lessons

You Cannot Please Everyone

However hard and best you try from your side. People out there will still find abs and errors in each and everything you do. It is what people are supposed to do like their usual job. It is a basic human nature. But you cannot let you and your guards down just to please someone. To please someone to such an extent that you start forcing someone to like you. That is definitely not possible. But what is possible is you doing your deed without worrying about the fruits or whether the other person likes it or not.

One’s Health Is His/Her Most Valuable Asset

Health is wealth. I am pretty sure everyone must be well aware of this quote. But how often do we seriously pay attention to this quote? Very often people tend to neglect their well being and health. Just because they are already fit and fine. But it is not good. Everything needs care. Keeping care and maintaining a good thing must be everyone’s priority. Whether that is you or your body. One must definitely work hard. Because hard work is the ladder to your ultimate success. But you should also keep in mind to maintain the most valuable asset of your life i.e. your health.

You Do Not Always Get What You Want

No matter how perfectly and precisely you made your life plan. But not every time everything happens according to you and your plannings. Remember when nothing happens according to your plan, God has his own plans for you. But that does not mean you give up planning and plotting about your future. You must always stay aware and prepared for possible future outcomes. But should rarely look up to something good. It may or may not happen the way you wanted to. But you know what, trust me everything happens for our own good.

Do Not Try To Become Someone You Are Not

Everyone has a role model whom they look upto. But that definitely does not mean we start being them. Every person is special on their own. You might have some characteristics which other people may not possess. And that makes you different and unique from others. Some people love this whereas some do not. But that should compel you to be someone you are

not. Taking inspiration and motivation from someone else is good but trying to become like them, leaving behind your natural essence is not good. So be original and be unique in your own way.

Words “Matter

Words once spoken can never be taken back. Whatever we write or speak indirectly throws light on our character. It represents who we are as a human being and what we practice on a daily basis. Similarly in the corporate world one must have to keep a check on what he/she is speaking and writing. Even if you want to say something nice and your choice of words are not good. It could be considered rude and may also lead to miscommunication. So always think before you speak.

Embrace Criticism

Just suppose you handed a very good piece of work to your senior, but he is not happy with your work and starts scolding and criticizing you and your work. How will you feel? You may start feeling horrible and get upset. But it is not what you should do. Motivation has two subtypes, negative or positive. Everyone reacts differently to different situations. But never get hurt or upset by a criticism. Embrace criticisms and convert it into your power and rise higher. Remember, giving up is not a solution.