If you like challenges, PR is the job for you, as it brings a variety of challenges and needs hard work and determination. You can pursue a career in PR if you are a social butterfly and love to interact with people and solve issues like a mastermind. The public relations industry has been on the rise and in high demand recently, prompting many people to focus their career efforts on becoming public relations agents. The best thing about pursuing a career in PR is that you only need the skills that match the job and are completely eligible to apply.

Responsibilities of a PR agent

A PR professional is generally known to be a multi-tasker and is required to fulfill many responsibilities for a company. Some of the responsibilities of a PR are given below:

  • Planning publicity stunts.
  • Managing press release.
  • Writing quality content for the company.
  • Dealing with customers and their queries.
  • Organizing promotional events like press conferences, exhibitions, and tours.
  • Speaking publicly for the company at interviews, presentations, and press conferences
  • Examining media coverage.
  • Managing a crisis and accepting complete responsibility for it.
  • Providing customers with the information required by them.
  • Managing the government and investors.

Why choose a career in PR?

For enhancing your communication skills

Because a PR agent must communicate with a large number of people, including customers, investors, and other related individuals, a PR job allows you to improve your written and spoken communication skills.

Magnifies your creativity and thinking ability

A PR job is full of twists and turns that let you magnify your creativity and thinking ability by throwing critical situations at you back to back. A PR agent has to look into every situation and deal with it very wisely, which requires a lot of critical thinking and, therefore, acting instantly.

Expanding your network

A PR job requires you to converse with a lot of powerful and high-profile people, which, in return, grows your network and lets you have a strong social presence. A PR agent is generally known to communicate with customers, media, investors, etc, which can lead people to develop trust in you for future references and provide exposure for life.

Variety of responsibilities

Having a variety of responsibilities is another task that is not easy, and requires you to exhaust yourself mentally and physically. This makes you enhance your overall personality and allows you to be a multi-tasker, which is a skill that is only achieved after experiencing every situation.

How to become a PR agent?

Check your skill set

The basic skill set required by a PR professional is:

  • Creativity
  • Crisis management
  • Good communication abilities
  • IT abilities
  • Presentation abilities
  • Writing abilities
  • Public awareness
  • Political awareness
  • Researching skills

The fundamental requirements for becoming a public relations agent


The primary goal of a company hiring a public relations professional is to promote a positive image of the company in the eyes of the public. As a result, the basic qualifications required for the role of public relations are determined by the company. Some require people to have at least graduation and some are okay with educated people. Mainly, the company requires and looks for experience and how the person is reacting to the situation and managing different aspects. Experience gained in marketing, fundraising, and journalism is also counted.


You will be offered internships as a fresher if you have no experience, but you may also be offered younger jobs if you have some experience in public relations. A PR agent’s starting salary is around Rs.8,000 – Rs.10,000, but as you gain experience, the salary scale increases on its own. The salary structure for an experienced PR professional is somewhere between Rs.50,000 to Rs.80,000.

Benefits of pursuing a career in PR

High demand

With the increase in the number of firms and organizations, the need for a PR agent has increased in recent times. PR has become an important aspect of firms and, thus, the demand for a PR agent has risen.

Provides a variety of services.

Variety in work brings excitement and ensures less boredom. A PR agent’s job is filled with thrills and variety and, therefore, ensures excitement during a PR agent’s job.

From the above information, we learned about pursuing a career in PR and why it can be beneficial. The PR industry can be a vast place to work in and requires a lot of work.


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