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Public Relations Is a Form Of Advertisement!

The Sky Is Green

Public relation is a form of Advertisement!

Dog eats grass

Now, that I have your attention, let me tell you, all the statement above is incorrect. But what made you think the most? The first one, the second one or third one!

I am sure, first and third one. But many people believe that Public Relations is a form of Advertisement.  NO, IT IS NOT. Public relations activity is nowhere related to advertising. It is a part of communication with earned media.

What is earned media?

Media space or appearance which can’t be bought. Yes, in public relations one can only influence the media, not bought media. The beauty of public relations lies in the story. A story, that excites people about the brand. The stories, that can connect with the target readersInfluencing the journalists and earning a space in a particular medium is called earned media.

So, why earned media when one can buy space?

Let’s get it straight. You can certainly buy the media but will the impact be the same? A very simple example which all the PR professionals always swear by; consider someone tells you that I am a great guy! How will you feel? Will you believe him? No, you will not.

Now consider someone tells you that X is a great guy; what will you perceive? Will not it create a good image on your mind. Yes, that is what public relations are all about. Creation of perception with a third party element; unlike advertisement.  

And secondly, it is less expensive than a conventional advertisement.

But, I don’t have a story.

This is possible. You are a regular brand and don’t have a unique story. Well, so does the other brand until they create one. See, every brand is regular until they don’t find their sweet spot. Just look around everything is the story. And someone told you that story, isn’t it? The same chair on which you are sitting has nothing special until someone tells you that the design of this chair is exclusive. And this is the only piece that exists right now.

Just imagine how will you feel?  You know what happened!  The story made it priceless. And that is the power of story which a PR person realizes and curates a brand.

Does it generate sales?

You get to choose between short-lived and long-lived fame, what will you choose?  I am sure you are not going to choose short term fame. Everyone looks for long term fame, long term impact. Anything which creates long term effect requires time to achieve the task.

The creation of the brand is not an overnight process. It is a time taking process and it produces results for sure. We have worked with several brands that got benefitted by the success story and their sales skyrocketed. But, remember it is not the same for everyone.

Always remember, a really good story is always worth remembering. And, the whole purpose of public relations is creating a story for the brand.