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Public Relations

The train is about to leave the station. Public Relations

Public Relations can help you catch up!

How many times we think before starting, and how much time do we just waste in thinking? As an entrepreneur, every individual should realize that the time is limited and so does opportunities. People who strike first will reap the benefit first and that’s about it.

Then why should you choose public relations?

I mean, really than what else are you planning to do. Let me ask you something, how many times do you wait for the advertisement to come on your screen? Nobody likes to see an advertisement coming in between your favorite shows.

But if you give them content in the form of story or news, they tend to consume it. The story has to be written in a form that it should speak volumes.

Who will read your story?

No-one is interested in reading anyone’s story until it is framed in a way; that sounds interesting. It has to have some kind of emotional connection. It has to speak about the real issue. A mindless story acts as a poison to the brand.

The entire exercise should start with a clear goal with the objective. If the objective is not clear, the impact of the story becomes less. It becomes difficult to crack media coverage on the loose story. The story is the soul of a PR exercise. 

But the media is limited so the opportunity, right?

Well, to some extent. But let me give you another perspective. Earlier there were limited newspapers being in circulation. Today the possibility of coverage is immense. The brand coverage can appear on several other mediums like online, social media channels, YouTube channels, and now with webinars as well. Many media houses are doing constant webinars and they are covering brands from different segments extensively.

The opportunity is immense but he approaches and strategy decide the coverage.

It sounds great but I don’t think we are ready.

Yes, I am sure you are not ready. You know why you don’t have courage. No please don’t. If you feel bad, don’t. the reason is very simple, if you decide something without trying then it is not for you. In fact marketing itself is not for you.

Let me tell you something, no marketing is a magic pill. Any form is marketing is a way to tell you a story. The story has to be powerful and an element to get associated with your story.

Believe me, you will not be able to succeed if you don’t try. But please try. Because if you don’t try it will never happen. 

To conclude this blog, I would like to tell you something. See the train has already left the station. It is going to reach the destination for sure. And a lot of people are already there. The train of opportunity is leaving the station ever another day. Please get on this train and reach your destination as well.

As country wide lockdown has been extended for another two weeks, it’s the right time to think about your strategy. Is what you are doing enough for your brand?

If you feel that you need to reinvent, please get in touch with us. We will help you out with the same. All the best.