Public Relations is a field that deals with relationships established between business organizations and the public. In particular, Public Relations include a public relations specialist trying to build a positive image of an organization before the public. As the name suggests, a public relations specialist is an individual who is responsible to carry out all the activities related to Public Relations on behalf of an assigned organization. But how can one become a public relations specialist? What are their duties and responsibilities? What skills and educational qualifications does one need to fulfill the requirements of a public relations specialist? And what amount is paid to a public relations specialist? We will have a look at each point one by one. Let us start with the overview. Visit Here for Best Pr Agency in delhi

Things You Need To Know :


A public relations officer is an individual with the responsibility to represent an organization. They take care of all the press and media meetings. They keep a check on online and social media presence. They make sure that the goods and services produced have positive reviews and feedback. They ensure to reach out to customers when needed. But this is not it. A public relations officer has a lot more to do. 

Now, let us have a look at some of their duties and responsibilities.

What Are Their Duties And Responsibilities?


A PR Officer represents a whole organization. Thereby, they must always plan things accordingly. A strategy is something that will make sure that things fall in place. Developing strategy needs a lot of research, and a PR Officer ensures that they make strategies keeping the public, employees, goals, and motives to achieve in mind. They must also keep an eye on their competitor’s moves. The research includes customer reviews and feedback to determine the best influencer for a particular subject, meetings and interviews to be conducted, and through which press media, etc. 

 Media Relations:

It is the utmost duty of a PR Officer to work with the media and press. Not only do they arrange press interviews, handle media inquiries, but they also provide the necessary information required by the media press. They also prepare questionnaires for the interviews and also discuss their off boundaries beforehand. The main purpose is to depict a positive image of the employees and the organization in the eyes of the public and media. 

What Skills Are Needed?

Interpersonal Skills:

Public Relations is a field that requires constant interaction with the public. Thereby, before appointing an individual for the post of public relations officer, one must always make sure he/she is friendly, open, and cooperative. A PR Officer with excellent interpersonal skills helps in maintaining a favorable image of their business organization.

 Organizational Skills:

From defining strategies to managing interviews, events, and seminars, etc; a public relations officer is in charge of all the different means associated with connecting to the public. And making sure that everything is planned and executed accordingly demands unbeatable organizational skills. The better the organizational skills the better the Public Relations.

Problem – Solving Skills:

As we read, a public relations officer has direct communication with the public. Thereby they may keep on witnessing many problems and queries, regarding the quality of the product, a complaint or simply just an issue regarding a newly launched product. Apart from these, a PR Officer also has to face press and media where they have to handle sensitive issues and must always be good in their choice of words and judgments.

Writing Skills:

Writing skill is yet another skill a PR Officer must need to possess to enter into this field. A PR Officer must know how, where, when, and what to write. It should be in such a way that it not only attracts the public attention but also leaves a positive and long-lasting impact upon them. 

What Is The Pay ?

FresherApprox. 15k to 20k
Mid CarrierApprox. 1 lakhs to 5 lakhs
ExperiencedApprox. 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs


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