Public Relations and Its Challenges

Public Relations and Its Challenges

Public Relations and Its Challenges

Public relations is an integral tool for organizational effectiveness. An organization has no credibility or awareness about unless its actions and contributions are communicated to the audience. A PR agency bridges this gap and enhances a brand’s recognition relevant to the public eye. The activities of a PR agent adds to the goodwill of a brand. These communications attract investors and businesses. The communications and activities not only influence the external environment but also the internal environment of an organization.

Public relations as an activity are backed up by an innovative mind. A PR agent is responsible for maintaining media relations and handling a crisis in the most productive or least damaging way. The activity is an art conducted in creative ways. Looking at a world that is inclined towards social media and publicity, PR is an apt activity that helps contribute the most to the brand. Like every other profession, PR has its own set of challenges.

The biggest challenge lies in the very basic understanding of the concept of PR in India and also that there is no legible measurement scale that exists in the present situation. Many consider AD value analysis and the consecutive PR value analysis as a measurement scale, even though, that exists, and it is not completely comprehensible. Also in a world where our social media statuses are daily flipped and overturned, we cannot consider social mentions also as a measurement tool. We should influence the public about a brand rather than shouting for the brand. We should build relationships between brands and their public instead of going for a measurement of the relationship that is built. Tell me something, can you ask a husband to quantify his love for his wife? The day we have a measuring scale for preference or liking, we will achieve laurels!

 Why do we need a measurement scale at all? The PR industry would have to stop considering themselves as a handy tool or loudspeaker for commercial enterprises, we don’t exist only to provide media presence to corporate or companies but we also make sure that such companies maintain a social value within its internal and external public. We should become influencers ourselves instead of becoming tools of influence. How we perceive a business should make all the difference. You must have heard about the crow who always wanted to become a peacock! It is the same thing, stop making crows believe that they are peacocks!

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