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Pitching an Impressive Content in 2021: What Will Promote Your Business

Earning impressive and goal-oriented media coverage is no more an easy task especially during pandemic hit 2021. Striking even a minor wrong tone can deliver multidimensional undesired impacts to leave you with a weakened brand image. Media pitching is an integral part of any PR strategy to keep the brand in the marketplace noticed. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a number of new concerns that need to be addressed in the content created either for digital or for print channels. What do you need to make your pitch connected, engaging, influencing, convincing, and encouraging?

Make the Business Pitch Fit For the Purpose: Not every content needs to have a reference to Covid-19. Many readers are feeling new fatigue by hearing insensitive and irrelevant news even from the top brands not directly linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The time is to create and share a product/service/support focused relevant pitch different from others in circulation.

Start with Reality and Switch Gear: The shared pitch should start with addressing the major concern of the target audience. Acknowledge the crisis and challenges. However, instead of going deep into precautions and the future of the pandemic, switch the gear to convey your message. At least 90% part of your content should be relevant to the business objective and in the interest of the audience.

Add Value To Pitch Content: Your customers need the best worth of their investment in terms of materialistic and psychological aspects. The pitch must address their new concerns – like a new product, new features, new discounts, availability with consistency, low-cost, doorstep delivery, quality assurance, user-friendly post-sales support, etc.

Highlight Your Competency: ‘Why one should deal with you’ should be an integral part of the content. Make the audience aware of your competencies that assure their investment in your business plan. Innovative features, life, price, maintenance cost, user-friendliness, etc are the key aspects that make a business pitch attention-drawing. Pandemic has pulled down the risk-taking capability of investors and supply chain partners.

Share a Story: The most of viewership/readership of your business pitch doesn’t keep the presented figures remembered for a long. Stories are more interesting and engaging. When you share a story of supporting a customer by going out of your way, it strengthens the trustworthiness of your brand. The customers prefer a brand that could help them in the period of pandemic crisis.      

Invite The Audience To Participate: Inviting the audience to share their concerns and experience with your brand makes the business pitch better goal hitting. Asking for feedback, inviting new ideas, an announcement for awards, etc makes the business pitch more results delivered. The modern age customer expects the brands to care for them.     

Engage The Media: Make your pitch content impressive and interesting for the audience. Innovation, products range expansion plan, collaboration, new products launch, dealers meet, discount sale, event, etc are some news sensitive topics for pitch creation. High readership potential is a must to attract and engage the media for a business pitch. The catchy topics draw the attention of media channels. 

  Sharing the quality-oriented business pitch is going to be a marathon in 2021; so, you need to focus on the quality of content and the selection of the best suitable media channels. Getting real-time metrics to scale the success of business pitching should necessarily be part of your PR management.