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10 Stats That Make Local SEO Oxygen To Your Business in 2020

10 Stats That Make Local SEO Oxygen To Your Business in 2020

More and more businesses have started taking local SEO as important as the organic SEO to boost their performance after going through some recent survey reports. The numbers of recent surveys, conducted globally to analyze the changes in the buying behavior, highlight the increased importance of local SEO with a couple of years. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic made local SEO Oxygen for the businesses. Leading SEO and digital marketing companies have started offering local SEO packages designed to help the businesses get quality leads from a target area.   

Ten Benefits of local SEO to Succeed in 2020 After Covid-19:

1.  Supports your business to appear in Google’s3-Pack redesigned to suit mobile users better

2.  Increases web traffic because of localsearches

3.  Keeps you competitive to neighboringbusinesses

4.  More leads with the high conversion rate

5.  Supports to survive and grow in a challenging marketing environment  

6.  Quick sales growth because customers nowprefer to deal with a nearby store  

7.  Increased numbers of repeat customers becauseof proximity

8.  Builds a community of brand loyalists becauseof improved relationship and trust

9.  Your business website gets more reviews and citation to rank higher

10. Reduces advertising and marketing cost; it is the primary need of businesses after Covid-19 pandemic

Ten Statistics to Show Why You Need To Hire Local SEO Agency:

1.    72% of consumers visit the store within 5miles distance after finding it in local search results.

2.  97% of potential buyers learn more about yourbusiness through local search results

3.  88% of mobile searches turn in to either acall or a visit within 24 hrs.

4.  18% of local mobile searches tend to make apurchase within one day

5.  Searches with “Near me” and “closeby” increased 900% since 2018

6.  28% of local searches convert into a purchase

7.  92% of buyers pick the business that appearsin the 1st-page local search results.

8.  4 in 5 shoppers trust local search results toget the local information.

9.  46% of total Google searches intend to getlocal information.

10. 78% of location-based searches convert in an offline purchase.

Ten Local SEO Tips for 2020 That Will Definitely Benefit You:  

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of marketing because of a significant shift in buying behavior and changed priorities. The number of new norms will also make dealing with nearby sources more beneficial. ‘Vocal for Local’ will also increase the importance of hiring the best digital marketing company with specialization in local SEO. What are the essential elements of the best affordable local SEO package?

1.    Register atGoogle My Business

2.    Use the bestperforming keywords

3.    Mention locationin the title tag, headings, body copy, meta description, and footer

4.    Leverage thebenefits of local directories

5.    Focus on gettingreviews and referrals

6.    Use geographicschema markup

7.    Build qualitybacklinks

8.    Use local SEOfriendly URLs

9.    Leverage thebenefits of social media

10.  Optimize on-page parameters including web content

Concluding Note:

The successful local SEO needs a strategy designed withgoals in mind. Local SEO is the most cost-effective marketing tool; however, itneeds a proven specialization of the hired digital marketing company for localSEO. Some Covid-19 impacts on buying behaviors and business practices are goingto stay for the years to come; strategic local SEO is going to be at the coreof marketing plans of businesses targeting particular communities in specificgeo-locations.         

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