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How To Write An Effective Press Release Headline That Grips

How To Write An Effective Press Release Headline That Grips

Considering the famous headline ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’. Like every other stereotype, this statement also has an amount of hidden truth behind it. People do tend to judge a book by its cover. The title or topic of a press release is the first thing that helps one decide if they will go further with the content. A headline is an insight into what’s coming up next. Just like the objective of your resume is an 11-second insight via which an interviewer decides whether to go ahead with your candidature or not.

Therefore a headline is of great importance in nature. When it comes to the PR profession, a Press Release makes up for the most important element whose function is not only a formal announcement to the media world but also to catch the investor’s attention into your business.  It should be clear and must refrain from the eyes of the negative press. While writing a headline, there are certain points that one must keep in mind to make your headline work across a board:

Keep your headlines short. A long headline does not fulfill the purpose of SEO. They create confusion and disinterest in the minds of readers whereas a short headline works for the best to give a quick insight into the release and give an immediate idea into what the release is all about.

If you have a social media presence, you must try to incorporate and word it within the limit of the respective platforms that you use. A crisp headline is lucrative in nature and goes a long way. Likewise, using keywords that benefit social media presence is essential.

If it suits your brand/ product’s communication, going with a headline that captures emotions such as happiness, achievement or curiosity works best towards increased chances of reader engagement. Though it is a topic of debate whether to write a headline in the beginning, as it sets the tone for the whole writes up, it is better if it’s written in the end as the chances of capturing the whole essence of writing will come out better. This helps in communicating the line of thought effectively.

Writing an exciting headline is important but so is the rest of the body. Once a reader decides to go through your release after a thorough reading of a headline, it is your content that makes sure if the reader’s created interest is kept which at times may result in a call to action. A press release aims to drive traffic, interest and generate leads. It is of utmost importance that your press release lists down all the deliverables that attract a reader’s attention.  All the important facts and figures must be included in the body along with the necessary information that captures an overall interest. In case you are still wondering how to write a press release, you must browse through and find great examples of written press releases to get hands down insight into how to write an extravagant one. You can also find articles published by public relation agencies which can help you further with the structure of a Press Release.