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How to measure the success of your PR campaign?

What comes in mind when you see a Red-Bull bottle in front of you? Red-Bull has become synonyms for the adventure. The perception was not being created in a day. It has been more than a decade that Red-Bull in sponsoring almost all top-notch adventure sports events around the world.

Not just Red-Bull but, many other brands like Vicks, Apple, Nestle, etc. were being created by PR exercise. People who are aware of PR exercise would agree with me that the best PR agency can create such a strategy that can benefit the brand for a longer period of time. PR agencies in the world are in the business of perception building.

The question is what is perception?

Perception simply means how something is regarded, understood. Now, the sere nature of perception makes it difficult for brands to measure their impact on the target audience. So, what are how a PR agency can measure the impact of the PR campaign. I am trying to list down a few techniques the best PR agency in Delhi follows to evaluate the impact of a PR campaign.

Reach of the publication:

We measure the impact of the coverage through the reach of the publication. You can easily check on a similar web or Alexa for the online reach. For the offline reach, one needs to go to media ant ( a website) and check the readership of the publication. These things help a PR agency to determine the impact of the coverage.
Website Visitors- Number of website visitors also plays a vital role in determining the impact of the PR campaign. After every solid PR campaign by the best PR agency, a brand can certainly see the spike in the traffic on the website.

Third-party mentions:

Recently we did a campaign for our client called per-sapiens and we received several third party mentions on the story related to Covid-19 innovation. This itself shows the impact PR stories generate. You can check the story on google. Whenever we see third party mentions, we consider it a PR success story.

Social media mentions:

If we see that social media mentions are happening after a campaign then we consider it a successful campaign. One of our clients called Tagbin, they got a tweet from startup India handle. This happened after your story article published on them. Similarly many such stories you can hear from us regularly. If the PR campaign is well thought you should see it regularly. Therefore the PR campaign should be constructed with a specific goal in mind.

Hence, we have several studies that showcase us that measuring an impact is not that difficult task. It’s just that we should be more careful while doing that. Another point that we should focus upon is lead generation. After a successful PR campaign by a PR agency, a brand can expect leads or new customer acquisition. This happens due to the credibility factor that is being created by the PR campaign.