Public relation is a mutual relationship between the public and an organization, which benefits both public and the organization at the same time. But making and maintaining a relationship is neither an easy task nor a simple task. It requires a lot of effort, initiative, hard work, dedication and most importantly consistency.
But, can one establish more relationships like public relations by doing less?
And in order to know the answer, let’s go through some basic bulletins referring to whether one can or cannot make more public relations by doing less.

Know Your Audiences

Public Relations is all about a constant and supportive relationship between the public and an organization. So, in order to maintain a healthy relationship with the public, one must first understand and then segregate their audience accordingly. Remember all the audiences are not the same. Some audiences can be approached online, some offline while some with just an event. Therefore, knowing your audience, their taste and preferences play a vital role in the corporate world.

Get Organized

Planning is the first and foremost function in the marketing world playing a vital role. In order to achieve a destined set of activities, one must plan, sustain the activities and execute likewise. Public Relations is all about reach and relationships. In order to be more organized, a Public Relations specialist must maintain a calendar to organize their outreach activities. One must also keep a record of media, influencers, customers, companies, etc already contacted and the ones to collaborate with in the future.

Budget Accordingly

Although Public Relations is referred to as the earned media, it still requires some amount of money in order to plan, execute and maintain a relationship related to press media, influencers, customers or the company, etc. and that is where a Public Relations officer should look after the amount spent and budget themselves accordingly.

Get influencers

Influencers are the people responsible for engaging and promoting one’s brand on a social platform. They promote a brand and in return are paid by the brand they are promoting. With the high rise in social networking sites nowadays, demand for influencers have been increasing day by day. Hence, they are the ultimate mode of communication in today’s digital era.

Get on YouTube

Just like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube too has gained a lot of audiences in the past few years and has become one of the most popular means to share information on the planet. People out there are not only using this platform to binge-watch videos or learn from the tutorials but are also showcasing their own talents by making vlogs, performing challenges, uploading dance videos, etc. And thereby making a YouTube channel in today’s world will immensely impact working, sales and profit of any brand.

Get yourself on Wikipedia

It would be totally surprising if someone says that he/she does not know about Wikipedia. I wonder who does not know Wikipedia. It is one of the most visited and most reliable sources of websites present on the internet. More and more people are searching their ways on to the search engines. And Wikipedia is one of them. Hire a person who is good at writing and most importantly writing good things about your brand. But keep in mind to be yourself and stay real.

Mark Anniversaries relevant to your business

If a businessperson has been running a business for a long time and has an anniversary popping up nearby, use this as a business strategy. Just announce a discount offer or buy one get one free offer, etc. Also, share some of the most memorable yet special moments with your customers or your business till now. And make people aware of your stories and keep them glued. This way you will not only promote your business but also impact your business positively.


Public relation helps an organization to not only build a relationship with the public but also ensures that the relationship which is initiated between the two is a positive one. So that it not only benefits an organization but also the public, making it bilateral or a mutual relationship.


Twenty7 Inc. is a creative communication PR Agency with 360-degree solutions for integrated brand building of the business/ clients. Deciphering the clients and their target audience, we devise customized innovative strategies that best suit the requirements of their business and fetches the desired result of establishing them as ingenious thought leaders in the sector. We at Twent7 Inc. have a very practical disposition and staunchly believe in adapting to the changing scenario of the market. Likewise, the narrative of the storytelling/ message is shaped to deliver exclusive results that stay relevant to the brand and also their audience.

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