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How to Determine if a Press Release Should be Drafted

Public Relations today is one of the most important marketing tools. It is also a widely used one. The benefits that this IMC tool tends to offer are now getting recognized by brands more and more. The tools that PR offers, when used properly can similarly help the brands avail so many benefits. One such tool is a Press release.

In simple words, a press release is a statement drafter by PR and media professionals that tends to give out information in an official and structured manner. It is passed on to journalists and media channels, which further publish it on their media channels. Press releases are a very important and relevant PR tool. When used effectively, it can really benefit the brand and the organization. But brands and PR professionals need to know when exactly a press release should be drafted. At times, brands draft a press release even for information that might not be as relevant to the media and the audience. So when should a press release exactly be drafted? Here are some things to keep in mind when you are trying to determine if a press release should be drafted in a particular situation:

Is the information is important enough

One of the first and foremost things you need to make sure is that the information being given out by the press release is important enough. To determine this accurately, ask yourself, will the target audience want to know about this information?  Would they gain something from it? Try to think from the perspective of the targeted readers. If you were the targeted reader, would you want to know about this information?

If any of the answers are no, you need to reconsider the PR tool being used. Maybe using some other tool might be better for the brand in that case. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we understand the importance of a press release and the effective way to use it too.

Big changes in the organization

Whenever there is a big change in the operations of the organization, informing the target audience is essential. Whether there is a change in the leadership roles, or something like a merger or acquisition is taking place. When big changes like those take place, the target audience should be informed through a press release. If the relevant stakeholders are not informed when big changes take place, they might start to feel neglected and uncared for. Thus when it comes to big changes, the relevant stakeholders should always be informed properly. And a great PR tool to use in such a situation is a press release.

Using other PR tools for smaller announcements

Another thing to remember when thinking about whether a press release needs to be issued or not, is that small day-to-day changes should not be informed via this tool. Press releases should only be reserved for information that fall under the first two points of this article. If the news or information to be dispersed is small and is just a minor change in the functioning of the brand, other tools like social media, blog, or websites can be used to make the announcement. Drafting a press release for every minor change will infact, make the audience see the brand in a bad light.

These are three key points to keep in mind when you are deciding if a press release should be drafted for a specific situation. A press release can be a very useful tool for a brand, when used effectively. Brands need to primarily make sure that the information being dispersed is important enough, and is something the target audience will be interested in. A press release is a great tool when used effectively and for the right reasons. Otherwise, various other tools are available in the marketing world for you to look into.