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How PR professional can make best out of this self-quarantine?

How PR professional can make the best out of this self-quarantine?

“When life gives you a lemon, use them to make lemonade”. At the time of this Pandemic, it seems important to stay positive.  Most of the companies and public relations agencies are working from home. All other companies, apart from media, PR, online stores, IT firms are stopped their operations. It creates an opportunity for a PR professional to break more stories for the clients.

We are a public relations company and we are also working from home according to government guidelines. And so the fight with us remains the same. 

PR professional has to meet media people to create awareness about the client and initiate personal connect as well.

But in the present scenario, social distancing can only save the world. That is why PR professionals have to create a new strategy to place their clients.

We need to become more empathic, understanding, sensitive towards the journalists. Hence, according to this, we should also change our strategy of communication with journalists.

Here are a few tips for PR professional :

Don’t call journalists regularly:

At this time in lockdown, everyone is at home. We should always remember that the journalist whom we are calling is also at home with family and nobody wants to get disturbed at family time. We should use texts and emails regarding the same.

Use empathy:

Many people do not like to sit at home and work. An extrovert person would never like to work from home.

But at the same time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to sit. Which eventually makes it difficult for people. While talking to them, we should be more empathic and understand their situation.

We should act friendly and ask them about their well being. We should practice empathy more than ever.

No time-bound:

Earlier as PR personnel we keep track of the time when the journalists come to the office and what time he is free. But now because of lockdown, everybody is sitting at home and they are using this leisure time to spend some time with the people they love.

So keeping everything in mind, the establishment of the conversation can take place anytime but be careful about it.

Don’t pitch clients: 

Yes, you read it right. You don’t have to pitch the clients to the journalists. You should understand that at this time everyone is pitching them their clients and here is how you can make the difference.

Being a PR personal rather than pitching to the journalist create stories around COVID-19 and help them with the story. Help them to get in touch with other key players in the market. Help them to crack the story and then they will help you for the same. So always remember, nobody is interested in listening to your story, everyone wants people to listen to their story.

Hence as someone said that if life throws a lemon at you, make lemonade with this. This phrase is apt for all the PR professional. As we can’t go out and meet new people, so establishing a human connection is impossible. But by helping the journalists we can certainly establish a good friendly connection with them.