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How long it takes to create a brand through Public Relations activity?

Public Relations companies activity helps a brand to communicate with their target group.

Any brand starts a Public Relations activity that should always set a target or objective of the campaign. It should clear to the Public relations specialist. But most of the time when a client comes on board, a question which has always been asked is, how much time it will take to create a brand?

Creating a brand is not a child’s play and it takes time. But no specific duration can be decided to create a brand. If a brand starts any kind of marketing activity, be it Public Relations activity, media buying, ATL activity, BTL activity, etc, we would suggest that the company should continue this exercise for quite some time. Then only a company sees any visible result.

It depends on the goal of the company as well. The goal of the company may differ from company to company. Some of the companies may want to raise funds, some of the companies may want to create brand awareness, some of them would like to maintain their brand equity, etc. So when the goal of the company is clear it becomes easy for the Public Relations expert to create a campaign.

Let us understand it with an example. Consider a Twenty7 Inc. Best PR Agency in Delhi NCR that is newly born, decides to do the Public Relations exercise to get an investment from the venture capitalists. Now, in that case, the objective should be getting covered in as many places as it can. But again, while constructing a campaign, a Top PR Agency in Delhi NCR  expert has to be smart to decide the publications. And it’s not only about the publications only, but storyline as well. Public Relations expert has to think from the investor’s point of view. Like, what is the things that may excite you as an investor?

Generally, investors are interested in two things, one is an idea and another is revenue or number of users. Therefore the whole story should be built around the same and publications have to be decided accordingly. In India, publications like Economic Times, Business Standard, Hindustan Times Mint, etc are read by the investors.

So, while deciding about the publications, a Public Relations expert has to also understand the writing style of the publications. Once all the strategy part is done, then comes the execution part, which is a time taking process.

After spending a decade in Public Relations filed, I understood that when we come down to execution, it again depends on a lot of scenarios. Here are a few examples.

Do we have enough space on that particular day?

Current trends should not overpower the story.

Relationship with the journalists.

Pitch note/release should be apt for space.

A journalist should feel that the story is not too promotional rather it should be newsworthy.

Be patient and understand that journalists also have a deadline. Etc.

Hence, coming back to the question, it completely depends on the brand. So, branding takes time. There is no stipulated time frame can be given, as we should understand that it is not a paid media. It is an earned media.