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What marketing activities should be used at the time of lockdown by the brands?

How digital marketing services helps business to keep its name in the market.

If a company is to be considered as a body, marketing must take place as the mouth of the body. Marketing has the power to put the brand name out in the targeted market. Marketing also helps a brand to communicate about unique digital marketing services or products.

It helps the brand to establish itself as a preferred company for the offerings. But, at this time, when the entire world is fighting a battle for survival due to the pandemic outbreak, it becomes difficult for a brand to market itself.

All on-ground marketing activities BTL activities have taken a toll. The government has taken all important precautionary measures to control this pandemic. And lockdown is one of them.

Lockdown has become the key practice around the world to control Novel COVID-19. As businesses are operating from home, it becomes crucial to cope up with this situation and try to get out of it.

The Internet has seen a spike in the users, and social media platforms are being used like never before. As one of the top digital marketing agencies, we always ensure our clients take the best possible actions to face the challenge.

We tried to list down a few digital marketing services here to help you out.

Social media marketing

People are sitting at home and they are getting bored. There is no doubt about it. People are using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and, others more. We suggest all the brands use these platforms extensively at this point. This will give a brand direct and maximum reach to the target audience.

Using videos more than text

As we know that the attention span of the human being is decreasing day by day. It becomes important for brands to understand the importance of videos. Interactive or impactful videos can be used on social media platforms to influence or communicate with the target group.

SEO (search engine optimization)

People are surfing the internet in their free time. Working on SEO activity can help a brand to create an organic reach. Working on most searched related keywords can increase website traffic and will help in generating leads.

Online marketing campaign

It has been proven to be one of the effective tools to boost the business. Online marketing campaigns like Google Adword, online advertising, etc. To know more please contact Twenty7 Inc.

A brand can use any of the above tools to promote its brand respectively. Or else, as an agency we always suggest that we should always take a holistic approach. A marketing exercise becomes more successful when the approach is holistic. And, we suggest that a brand should use holistic digital marketing approach to reap the benefit. Twenty7 Inc has supported more than 100+ brands to reach their goal.

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