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How an awareness program can help influence brand positioning

Awareness programs can be one of the keys objectives.

In today’s blog, I will try to give you only one example to put forward my point. So without wasting any moment, let’s go.

Imagine you are trying to launch a brand that is related to the healthcare segment. Okay, wait, let’s go back to the basics first. To make a brand successful, the brand needs to figure out a gap area or void present in the market. Yes, many people also call it a pain point. Once you figure out the pain area, you start developing a product/service to cater to that pain area. But, please understand this, the pain area can be obvious to you, but, not for your audience. Many times, we face specif problem but as a human being, we are ignorant creatures. Hence, even though the problem is there, we don’t see it. So, here comes the PR. To create an impactful PR campaign a brand needs to not only talk about the product/service but also talk about the problem. If as a brand, one makes people aware of the gap areas the half of the battle has already won.

But a brand can not run a campaign mindlessly. there has to be a strategy to execute it. Here are the steps which one can follow while running a campaign.

Social media – First of all, run a campaign on social media using a specific hashtag. Not necessary that the hashtag should consist of the name of the company. But a hashtag should consist of the key messages of the brand.

Story- While pushing the campaign on social media, the story with a cause has to promoted there.

Educate- If you give back to society, society responds positively. Educating the target audience through the story is the most promising way to get things done. Therefore instead of selling the product and service, a brand should always focus on influencing the target customer.