How 2020 Has Made PR Agency More Important.

How 2020 Has Made PR Agency More Important.

The year 2020 started with big changes in public relations management because of growing concerns for Niche targeting, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data integrations and live streaming. The prominent brands in all the business trades shifted the focus on conveying their words in a personalized manner through influencers, social media post sharing, self-publishing platforms, mailing, direct calling, creative advertisements, press releases etc. After the Covid-19 spread, addressing the customers’ expectations in an informative manner is the growing trend for building and strengthening the public relationship.

What are the MajorShifts in Buying Behavior in 2020?

  • Buyers prefer to shop more consciously
  • Buyers are more dependent on digital platformsto get the information
  • Social media shares influence the buyingdecisions more
  • Brand image is more powerful to influence buyingdecisions
  • Buying local is a growing tendency
  • Buyers love to be informed and addressed bybrands
  • Buyers trust the brands with social engagement inthe hour of crisis
  • Buyers do more value to presence/visibility ofbrands in media channels

How did Covid-19 Make PR Agencies More Important?

The numbers of companies decided to shrink the advertisementbudgets and to focus more on strategic PR. Sales are not as they used to beforepre-pandemic. Many channels of traditional marketing and public relations buildinglike the trade shows, displays in shopping malls, mass campaigns, roadsideshows etc have lost their killing instinct as the people tend to stay away fromthe crowded places.

The dependency upon the digital channels for getting particular information for buying decision making has increased manifold; therefore, public relation agencies need to adopt technology in their public relations strategy. Contactless PR management is challenging but the top PR agencies have devised the new tactics to make the brands noticed, followed, and performing.

What are the KeyFocus Areas of Public Relations Strategy for 2020?

The new public relations strategy that can benefit anybusiness has the following eight key elements: 

  1. Community relations
  2. Employee relations
  3. Media relations
  4. Brand awareness and reputation
  5. Corporate responsibility
  6. Social responsibility
  7. Crisis management
  8. Social media presence

What are the Key Roles of PR Agency?

Covid-19 has impacted the marketing landscape of every size and type of business. The leading PR companies have reformulated their strategy with more dimensions to their conventional roles. Eleven Key functions of the best PR companies for the post-COVID-19 marketing environment are:

  1. Analyze the social acceptance and views about your brand
  2. Anticipate the people expect from your brand
  3. Formulate objective-oriented strategies to improve brand’s image
  4. Designing the campaign for full-blast new product launch/offer
  5. Manage the relationships with journalists, investors, clients, and other stakeholders
  6. Training the employees for participating in a marketing campaign/event
  7. Improving the brand’s presence on social media platforms
  8. Writing speeches for brand development/events
  9. Organizing PR events
  10. Creating and sharing press releases
  11. Crisis management

So, you are convinced with the increased importance ofhiring the best PR agency. Is it your first time to hire a PR agency?

Don’t worry; your investment for hiring a public relationsagency is safe and awarding. Effective public relations management serviceshelp you get more leads with high conversion potential because the potentialbuyers feel better connected to your brand. The quality traffic increasebecause of regular media management and other mass addressing activitiesimproves the SEO results also resulting in reduced digital marketing cost withearly performance boost.   

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