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Four Simple Yet Important Things To Remember About Public Relations

Public relation is a profession that is often misunderstood by many. Being a policeman, a teacher, a doctor or even a constructor one can easily explain what their duties are. Sometimes they do not even have to. As people are well aware of these professions and their respective duties and responsibilities. But a public relations specialist has a lot of things to do. They not only maintain a healthy relationship with their public on behalf of an organization or an individual but also take care of brand value, brand image, contacts press media, take care of content to be published, etc. But, this may not be the same with public relations. So to help a layman understand what public relations is, what all skills it requires, and to make it easier for you to explain this profession better to your friends and relatives, here are some basic points which can make your job easier. Here you go For the pr agency

So here are four simple yet important things everyone should know about Public Relations.

What is public relations?

Public relations can be referred to as persuasion business, as in a public relation specialist is persuading their public outside their firm by influencing, informing, and promoting their products. And in return, the public is expected to expand a firm’s business by increasing sales and revenues. Hence, making it a mutual beneficiary relationship between a firm/ an individual and their public.

Public relations specialists are storytellers. They make stories and create narratives. A good Public Relations Specialist will analyze the organization, find the positive things and translate those positive things into positive stories that they will narrate to the public. And in case there is bad news, they will try to formulate a positive response and cover up any losses.

A public relations specialist is an individual who is responsible for shaping the image of individuals or organizations in the eyes of the public. Whose job is it to generate a positive image of the organization or the individual they are working for and enhance their reputation?

Some tools used by a public relations officer include:

1. Writing and distributing press releases.

2. Speechwriting.

3. Writing pitches and sending them to journalists.

4. Conducting market regarding the firm.

5. Expanding business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at


6. Writing and blogging for the web.

Can you measure PR?

Most probably. But it is not exact, it is just an estimate. Many people have tried creating different kinds of models, estimates, and spreadsheets. But technically, none of them is accurate. Some may be better than others. But none of them guarantees accuracy.

But you can judge whether your public relations is strong or not by looking at your business history, in the rate of increase or decrease in sales, revenues, etc. These are some criteria that may help a firm in knowing their public relations in a better way.

What is digital public relations?

With evolving times, public relations have gone through enormous changes. One of them is digital public relations. We know what is, public relations, but what are digital public relations. Digital Public Relations can be explained, as a promotional tactic used in the corporate world to increase the online presence of a brand. And unlike traditional public relations, one can measure digital public relations by implementing a tangible strategy such as:

1. Driving brand awareness.

2. Increased traffic to a website.

3. Adding links that boost organic rankings.

4. Boost in sales.

5. High soaring social media following and engagement.

Some of the examples as to how digital public relations is utilized in today’s corporate world are :

1. Displaying digital advertisements using YouTube.

2. Reaching out to influencers on Instagram and getting their assistance in online brand promotion.

3. Going live on social networking sites and interacting with your ultimate customers.

4. Conducting online events.

5. Holding online contests and quizzes.

Can social media replace traditional media?

No. One can never trust social media blindly when it comes to public relations. Although, brands benefit a lot from social media. But, it is also a platform that leads to enormous rumors and controversies. This may lead to miscommunications. A balanced utilization of both social and traditional media is a must for any firm. Otherwise, it may result negatively for your firm.