With the world developing and evolving at a high speed, people often mistake updates as a removal of old practices. Whereas now it is very obvious that updates in return make a specific practice more advanced and better rather than just simply replacing them with a new one.

Public Relations and Social Media may sound like day and night. But if we have a proper look at them, we can conclude that despite their vast differences they both are dependent on each other and are totally incomplete without each other.

Public Relations and Social Media are the result of the emerging technologies and its development which has now become an inseparable part of humankind.

Public Relations which is the outcome of marketing strategy represents a mutual beneficiary relationship between the public and a business organization.

On the other hand, social media is an interactive technology where it allows an individual to create and exchange ideas, information, interests and other varieties of thoughts among their virtual community through virtual networks.

How Public Relations and Social Media became inseparable:

With emerging social networking sites people spend most of their time online surfing and searching. Public Relations hence benefits from this advantage to mobilise themselves and their company among their existing and future customers which is therefore proving public relations and social media inseparable for a very long run.

As both public relations and social media tends to reach out to their clients it would be more convenient if they work in sync rendering a more efficient and effective output.

Social Media’s role in Public Relations:

Through the vast communication channels of social media, public relations now find it easier and more convenient to reach out it’s public. With the help of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. a business organization can broadcast its brands, the messages or any other important information. Not only the social media provides a channel for communication, but they also facilitate two-way communication between both the public and the business organization, such as an individual providing reviews of a product from certain brand on its channel, a creator promoting and increasing the sale of a product by providing an offer code or a customer just simply texting their review to your company’s official Instagram handle, etc. Much like the era of newspaper, radio, television the social media acts all in one and ensures to keep the public up to date with even the smallest exclusive update.

How Social Media has changed Public Relations:

There has been a drastic shift of crowd towards the usage and impact of social networking sites in recent years. With every person, from a new born kid to millennial, at least more than half of the family members have a personal social handle. Therefore, it would be safe to say that social media marketing is the new way of word-of-mouth marketing.

Let’s have a look how social media has been influencing public relations and its methods of practices:

• Since people in today’s time spend most of their time wandering the internet, we have more of an audience and public eagerly waiting for new and trending products. And hence it allows public relations to reach a much larger audience. Previously, public relations could only target specific individuals such as investors and business partners, but with the parturition of social media, the target group has been expanded to include all customers vital for the success of a business.

• Public Relations and social media both are means of communication but social media has this one advantage which is a win-win for public relations i.e., real-time messaging. This feature amplifies your message, allowing public relations to be more impactful and stronger. Also, the contents published via social media tends to live longer, spread faster and reach further among the public.

• Social media has helped public relations to evolve as more “public friendly” for the customers of a business, resulting in a new era of corporate world known as “relationship marketing”. This strategy helps companies to be more warm, inviting and approachable, regardless of their type or serious nature. 


Moreover, to sum up we can say that social media has now become an initial part of public relations and vice versa encouraging a better user experience.


Twenty7 Inc. is a creative communication PR Agency with 360-degree solutions for integrated brand building of the business/ clients. Deciphering the clients and their target audience, we devise customized innovative strategies that best suit the requirements of their business and fetches the desired result of establishing them as ingenious thought leaders in the sector. We at Twent7 Inc. have a very practical disposition and staunchly believe in adapting to the changing scenario of the market. Likewise, the narrative of the storytelling/ message is shaped to deliver exclusive results that stay relevant to the brand and also their audience.

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