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Digital marketing is a branch of marketing that promotes the sale of various goods and services through digital channels. A digital marketing strategy allows you to reach a wider audience for the promotion of your brands, which involves search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), various social media platforms, and even email marketing, which can prove to be an effective way of reaching a wider audience.


PR refers to the set of techniques that help in building advantageous relationships between organizations and their clients. PR involves controlling how information about a company is spread among the public, particularly in the media, as well as how its reputation is managed. PR takes place in the form of written and published press releases, social media posting, organizing events, interviews with journalists, etc.


In PR, event management is the process of planning, organizing, and hosting public or private events for business purposes. The aim is to gain the attention of all potential customers while achieving the set goals of the organization. Events such as industry conferences, press conferences, charity fundraisers, and trade shows, whether large-scale or small-scale, can help organizations expand their reach and enhance their brand recognition


Crisis management is the process that helps an organization deal with all possible threats, i.e., the process of acknowledging and reciprocating to a catastrophic situation and determining how its impact can be minimized on that organization. It includes steps that an organization must take to protect its market reputation. Therefore, crisis management involves devising a proper strategy in advance to deal with such potential crises at the corporate level.


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is used to attract and retain an audience by creating relevant content through articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, social media posts, etc. It helps organizations attain a sense of authenticity and build trust by providing meaningful information to their target audience. In this way, content marketing benefits businesses by boosting brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and generating leads.


Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms for the promotion of various products, services, or brands to build an online reputation. It helps in building relationships with people by creating and sharing content such as text, images, and videos on various social media platforms while continuously monitoring the performance of the same. Brands and agencies utilise social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on in order to create widespread awareness about their products.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique that aims to improve the visibility of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO involves optimizing a website's content, structure, and code to make it more attractive to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing technique that involves placing ads on search engines or other websites and paying each time someone clicks on the ad. PPC allows businesses to target specific keywords and demographics and can be an effective way to drive traffic and generate leads.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a digital marketing technique that involves using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote a business's products or services. SMM can include organic social media posts, paid social media ads, and influencer marketing.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a digital marketing technique that involves sending promotional emails to a business's subscribers. Email Marketing can include newsletters, promotional emails, and automated emails that are triggered by specific actions, such as a new subscriber or a completed purchase.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is used to attract and retain an audience by creating relevant content through articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, social media posts, etc. benefits businesses by boosting brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and generating leads.


Website development

Web development, frequently referred to as website development, refers to the tasks involved in the creation, construction, and maintenance of websites and web applications that run online through a browser. Web design, web programming, and database management may also be included.


Why Choose ?Twenty7 Inc.

We Are the Best Public Relations and Digital Marketing Service provider. We Analyze, Find and Deliver 360° Solutions. We’ll not only promote you but also Perform to maintain you on the top.

Twenty7 Inc. PR Agency promotes companies or individuals through free or earned media. Public Relations Agency forms communication bonds between an organization and their public to gain mutual benefits. PR can be used to protect and build a reputation through media.

A good PR Company analyzes the organization, finds positive messages and translate them into positive stories. PR companies create positive hype for their client and help them to maintain brand reputation and goodwill in the market. PR activity includes press releases, Public Appearances, newsletters, news channels, Social media, Radio, etc.

Digital PR is developing strong relationships through Digital Marketing tools like Content Management, SEO Techniques, blogs, Social Media channels, Website and in many more ways. In this Digital World, be it a startup, small entrepreneur or any giant corporate house, all need a Digital Projection of themselves



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Since we Live ‘Digital’, Think ‘Digital’, Breathe ‘Digital’, and Understand ‘Digital’, each of our digital marketing solution is designed around a few yet important key elements or we better call them ‘building blocks’ for the digital business plan of our clients. We evaluate things and customize our solutions keeping your business goals, the current stage of the digital presence, and competitive landscape in mind. With our creative and result-oriented solutions, we ensure that you will:

Get More Leads

We ensure your business get more and more leads through our expertly managed digital marketing services

Make More Sales

We help you convert maximum possible leads into sales so that you can fulfil your business goals

Brand Awareness

We help your brand get recognition not just locally but globally. For this, we create special campaigns for you

Upskill Your Team

Our services come with an opportunity so that you can upskill staff and grow their capabilities

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    The time it takes to see results from digital marketing depends on several factors, such as the services you require and your business goals. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to see significant results.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) organically. PPC (Pay-per-click) is a form of advertising where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

    Yes, digital marketing can be especially beneficial for small businesses as it offers a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and compete with larger businesses.

    The cost of digital marketing varies based on the services required and the agency you choose. It’s essential to choose an agency that offers customized pricing based on your business’s needs and budget.

    You can measure the success of your digital marketing campaign through various metrics such as website traffic, lead generation, social media engagement, and more. A good digital marketing agency will provide regular reports and analysis to help you track the success of your campaign.


    At Twenty7inc, we are driven by creativity, and a genuine love for proactive and holistic communications to build your brand.


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