Every single thing has some myths associated with it. Be it new or old. Just like how some human beings out there still have dozens of myths associated with Public Relations. Today I’ll be demystifying some of the most common myths related to public relations.

Myth 1. Public relation is the other name of advertising:

Truth: This is one of the most common myths people have in their minds regarding public relations. Although both public relations and advertising helps to promote a business and helps it to reach out to people. They both still differ from each other in various regards. One of the most basic differentiation among both of them is that public relations are earned media while on the other hand advertising is a means of paid media.

Myth 2. Public relation is all about press releases and press conferences:

Truth: There is no doubt that press releases and press conferences are a major part of public relations. But that is not the ultimate goal of a public relations specialist. They have a lot more to do and to achieve more than just holding up a press release or press conference. And on top of everything else, keeping in mind how people are more attracted and busier on the internet and social media, Public Relations specialists tend to make the best out of this opportunity by shifting from offline means of promotion to ensuring a more appealing online presence (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

Myth 3. Public relation is free and easy:

Truth: Yeah, definitely public relation is an earned media rather than a paid media. But if a new setup a small business is thinking to handle this all by themselves, they are totally on the wrong track. Public Relations is not a cup of tea. Even if it is free, it needs an experienced professional in order to plan out and organize its execution. And for that, a business organization has to hire a professional who will be paid for doing their work.

Myth 4. Public relation drives profit overnight:

Truth: A business can never reach its peak in a night. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience to shape up a new business and occupy a place in the corporate world. Just like any other marketing strategy and campaign, Public Relations take its own time in order to drive sales, clicks, and leads but that also cannot happen overnight. A public relations specialist has to come up with professional sets of ideas so that the business organization can rise ladders of success slowly and gradually.

Myth 5. Results could only be attained if you hire an expensive PR firm:

Truth: A new small startup owner can sometimes struggle with a high budget resulting in various problems regarding some of the major business decisions. But one should always keep in mind not to take a wrong step in such a situation. Because usually, new businessmen tend to either hire a low-budgeted employee for handling Public Relations or not hire anyone at all. But it is totally wrong, people still do think that an organization can see the results only if they hire an expensive professional employee handling public relations. But in reality, it is all about the amount of knowledge, experience, and practice an employee has.

Myth 6. Public relation is the savior :

Truth: Yes, I agree that public relation acts as a savior for any business organization but one should not consider practicing it only during misery or any kind of trouble. Public relation is something that a businessman has to keep in his/her mind day and night. Success cannot be achieved within a night. It takes your tiny little steps climbing the ladders in order to chase success. And so public relations should be taken care of and handled with full dedication on a daily basis just like a company takes it seriously during troubles.

Conclusion :

With the facility of being able to spread the news with just a single tap, spreading information nowadays is way easier and convenient than ever. This information could be a reality or even just a myth. Now it is totally up to the individual reading that piece of information whether or not to believe in it and whether or not to pass it on to others.


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