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Are you ready for traveling to space?

Can you think about it right now?

I clearly remember the conversation between Elon Musk and Jack ma on a platform where Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba, and Elon Musk founder of Tesla, were talking about the future of technology and humanity. A discussion that took place between two brightest minds shared some light on the future then.

Elon Musk spoke about mars, AI, and whatnot whereas Jack ma was talking about empathy, kindness, and more about social behavior. So why I am pointing out this here, in the Public relations blog segment?

The reason behind is very simple. As an entrepreneur one should look at both aspects. A combination of humanity and technological aspect is needed at this point. We should aim for space but at the same point in time, we should also think about the human ground.

Why is it important now?

 As we see that every business is struggling for survival due to economic pandemic. A company should be more careful about their customer behavior. A company, that practices empathy at this time, will be able to create faith in the consumer.

Let’s take the example of companies that are in the customer service industry!

Many companies operate in the space of the service industry, and it is more crucial for them to act with compassion. One never knows what is going on in your consumer mind? How are they coping up with this situation? So it’s extremely important to communicate with your consumer with compassion and empathy. Supporting them with your endeavor is the only way to create a trust factor in the mind of the consumer.

A public relations agency can help you create the same mind space in the consumer, with strategic communication for your target audience.

Then, what about a company that deals in a product?

 Companies that are dealing in the product segment, have to be extra careful this time. Customer service and time-bound delivery should be their priority. Spreading good stories about the product and customer service can act as the cherry on the cake. Live online support will help you to gain trust amongst your customer.

When the conversation between them grows stronger, it seemed like they both are poles apart. Whereas Jack Ma was talking about Humans, Elon Musk was talking about robots. But as an audience, its quite fascinating to see how the conversation unfolds. It reaches a point when Elon Musk gets agitated at Jack Ma.

To conclude, I would like to say something, it is important to dream big. But dreaming big should never mean to shy away from humanity. At the end of the day, we all are human. Whatever we do, we should always focus on the service of Humanity. It does not matter, what do we do, but in the end, we only deal with humans and serves humans.