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Are Traditional Forms of Advertising Dead?

Advertising is one of the most famous and well-known mediums of marketing. It is regarded as a paid form of marketing and is one of the mediums that reaches the most audiences. Over the years, with the growth of the internet, many have debated whether the traditional forms of advertising- TV, print, OOH, and radio, are headed towards their demise. Especially with the pandemic, the presence of the internet has increased a lot in our lives, which has made brands and media professionals revaluate their spending towards the traditional means. So does this mean that classical advertising is headed towards its demise? Absolutely not. Let’s look into the relevance of classical advertising in today’s world, and find out why it shouldn’t be neglected by people working in the media field:

Numbers state otherwise

One of the biggest arguments for the question at hand is that data states otherwise. Many reports, including the KPMG annual media reports, have made people realize repeatedly, that traditional media forms are still widely consumed, especially in a place like India. Yes, the internet is becoming cheaper by the day, but still more people own a television in their households when we talk about India than a personal smartphone. Yes, many reports did show that with the pandemic, there has been an increase in the ad spends for the digital world, but there hasn’t been a significant decrease in the ad spend for the traditional mediums as well!

Brand awareness and trust factor

Customers are more likely to trust a brand that they have come across on both the traditional and the digital mediums. Traditional mediums, thus, play an important role even today when it comes to raising brand awareness too. Especially when we talk about the older generation in India, they might trust a brand more, if they had come across it on some of the traditional mediums. For many people, digital is still the secondary medium to the traditional media forms available. Also given that many media reports show that TV viewership and the readership for print is still high, brands cannot afford to not invest in these mediums, given that these might contribute towards raising brand awareness amongst many people. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we understand the importance of both, traditional and digital mediums, and use them in an effective manner.

Ads cannot be skipped

When we talk about the traditional mediums, unlike digital ads, one cannot just scroll past the ad or skip the ad when they are consuming that medium. While watching TV, often people watch the ads while they wait for the ad break to get over, or while reading the newspaper, people often skim the ads too and read the ones that interest them. But with the digital medium, with so many skip-able ads available, more often than not, the audience skips the ad pretty early on. Many even install adblockers to do so.  Similarly, often the consumers scroll past ads that come across them. Hence, traditional mediums cannot be neglected.

Hence, traditional forms of advertising are here to stay for a while. The big picture might change in the long run, but for now, the importance of traditional mediums cannot be denied. What brands need to do mainly, is integrate their online strategies along with their strategy for the traditional mediums. For better results and more brand awareness among their target audience, the usage of traditional mediums of advertising is important in the current landscape of this country. Thus, we can say that for a while traditional forms of advertising are here to stay, and brands, along with media professionals should not neglect the power and relevance of these traditional forms.