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Public Relation is not only about coverages.

Are public relations just about coverages?

Public relation is a practice which helps brands to reach their target audience. The whole Public relation campaign is a strategy which allows us to formulate the brand communication. We completely understand that every brand has different goals for the Public relations campaign, be it brand awareness, crisis management, brand recall, information sharing, etc. But when we talk about deliverables or meeting the objectives, media coverage plays a vital role in the public relations campaign. With the help of media coverage, we can reach our target audience and present our ideas in order to achieve the goal.

But surprisingly, people directly relate the whole Public Relations campaign with Media coverage only which is quite unfortunate for any Publicist. The role of an individual publicist or PR company is vast. A PR professional helps a brand identifying the target audience, creating a marketing strategy, creating strategic content, etc.

Here I am going to list down 5 other activities apart from getting coverages for the Brand.

Determining the Goal– A really good publicist can help a brand determine the whole campaign goal. Determining the goal and following the same helps a brand to reach the horizon it has aspired. While determining a goal, a lot of things are kept in mind, like the right target audience, marketing research data, brand history( if the brand is old), other marketing campaigns, vision and mission of the brand, etc.

Counseling the way forward– Once any brand starts working with the Public Relations agency it’s like a marriage. Public relation professional plays a great role in the brand journey. As marketing exercise grows in phases a lot of things change which sometimes brings changes in public relation campaign as well. Mostly at the time of crisis, when the whole marketing campaign takes a hit, the brand really needs a holding hand in the form of a communication agency to conquer the things.

Content Strategy– A brand really needs a great content strategy and a PR agency comes handy if such requirements occur. Just getting coverages in the newspaper does not really help, but getting a newspaper to write a story and convey it the way we want is where publicist comes in the picture.

Becoming a brand ambassador– A Public Relation agency becomes your brand ambassador and they meet new people every day, they talk to the influencers in the same segment and put positive words in their ear. This eventually creates goodwill for the brand in the same segment.

Finding other ways to communicate with Target group- A Public Relations agency tries to find other ways like email marketing, social media tools, events participation, and other such activities to connect with the target audience and build the brand reputation.

The above points are merely a few among the many which show that public relations activity is not just about coverages. One more question which always comes in the client’s mind is how you will justify the deliverables. If we can just say in very simple words with an example, it is like creating a whole story. For example, if a brand is a story, the Public Relations activity is like dialogues and scenes which creates the whole perception about the character and eventually creates a scene in the reader’s mind. So Public Relations activity is not merely about coverage but we can say that media coverages are also a part of PR activity.