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8 Questions That Will Help you Understand and Hire a PR Agency.

Many people have heard about the PR agency but they are not completely aware of the functionality of PR. Without knowing about the functionality of PR, it becomes confusing to move forward. There are a lot of myths that are there in the market. Due to the myth that is present in the market, people expect some things that are not possible. Over expectations are two ways sword, it not only breaks the trust but it also hampers the image of PR agencies. Hence, it’s important to clarify a few things before we begin padding up for the activity. I am mentioning ten generic questions for the same.

1. What do you do in PR?

The first question itself is so important and so to the point. What do we do in PR? Hmm, we do a lot in PR. From research work to creating a story idea and then selling those story ideas. Let’s understand this in this way, see, we are a doctor and lawyer both for the brand. Technically, we are the bridge between the media and the client. So we provide information to the media houses.

2. So can you guys get coverage on anything

Frankly, there is a way that we get coverages. But it does not mean that the media will cover anything or everything. Just for an instance, media will cover only things that are worth reading. We create stories out of the brands that are worth reading. Hence, creativity is a part that plays important role in here. PR agencies have a dedicated content team to create media-ready content for the client.

3 . So how much time does it take to get coverages?

It depends. It depends as there is no surety. It depends on many things. Like space, time, and availability of the journalists. Once we get approval from the journalist, it appears within a week. But for the magazines, it takes according to the publication. SO, if the magazine is bi-monthly it will take 2 months to get coverage. Big publications generally take time as they always have a lot of stories in the pipeline.

4. Can you get us covered in Times of India?

This question is so generic that I am sure every PR person must have heard this once in a lifetime. I agree that the Times of India is one of the biggest or maybe the biggest newspaper that is there in the market. But, please mind you, Times of India is not the only newspaper that is present in the market. Moreover, if you want coverage in TOI, you need to be eligible for the policies set by the Times of India.

5. Why should I participate in HR related story

 Brands don’t understand the value of image projection. Mostly they focus on increasing sales. And I agree that it’s important. It’s important because it helps create an image that the brand is stable and it cares about the employee. Hence, participating in stories related to human resources is very important.

6.What budget should we keep for PR?

This question is generally asked by the brands that are new to the PR. The right answer to this question is a budget for PR should be decided by the brand. The reason behind it is very simple. The market budget or PR budget should always depend upon the objective. According to the objective, an entire campaign can be planned and according to the activity the budget can be allocated.

7.How long should I do PR activity?

 A PR activity starts showing an impact from the very first month. But I always suggest that whenever one starts a PR campaign it should continue for a longer period. It also depends on the PR campaign and its objective.

8. what to expect from PR activity?

 IF I would like to answer this question it would be Brand Awareness. One can expect brand awareness and brand equity after one particular PR campaign. A PR campaign can become the flag bearer of your agenda as well. Hence one can expect better brand awareness with the PR campaign. Pr agency can help you outreach the task.

This blog about questions will be continued next.