Ever since the pandemic struck last year, things have changed a lot. We have been doing most of our work while sitting at home and online shopping has shot up drastically. Many things have changed for us and we have somehow, over time managed to adapt to this new normal. The pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives, undoubtedly. One such important aspect, in the world, is Marketing. Let’s try to look at how marketing has changed in pandemic times.

A Rise in Digitization

One of the most obvious changes is the rise in the digital spending of brands and organizations, all over. Compared to how things were before, brands are now investing more money in digital advertising. This was bound to happen given that the pandemic also led to a rise in not just the number of internet users, but also in the time spent by these users on the internet. And since customers are spending more time on the internet, this rise in the digital world was bound to happen. Being the Best PR Agency in Delhi we make sure that our clients establish a good digital presence.

New Opportunities

If we compare now to how our lives used to before the pandemic, it seems bizarre. Nevertheless, brands have been trying to make the best of the situation by trying out new things. Whether it was the rave to try out audio platforms like Clubhouse or investing more in digital advertising, rather than traditional, brands are trying to do the best they can and trying out new opportunities and things to keep the consumers engaged.

Hygiene, a New Priority

With social distancing, masks, sanitizers, contactless deliveries, all becoming a part of the consumers daily life now, hygiene and safety are undoubtedly one of the most top priorities of all customers now. This has forced every brand to take these measures seriously and implement them in their day to day business. Especially after the second wave hit, and infections rose higher and higher each day, brands had to keep reaffirming the customers that they are safe, and taking all the measures.

Brands Need to Care

Besides hygiene, consumers are also looking out at how many brands care; not just for the world and the consumers but also for their employees. With the recent wave and the tragedies it caused across the nation, people were trying to help one another out as much as possible. Many brands were seen as doing the same and trying to help out. Many brands were also trying to help out their employees as well. Many outlets talked about the importance of doing this, for brands and also how this tends to make the consumer see the brand in a better light.

Change in Consumer Behavior

There has also been a noticeable change in the behaviors of the consumers in other ways as well. There has been a noticeable decline in brand loyalty and a good amount of consumers had shifted to other brands quite easily, consumers were trying to shop locally more, and were more aware of where their product is coming from. Because of factors like the dip in income and rise in the unemployment rate, the shift to a more digital world, health, and fitness being an important element, many changes took place in the behavior of the consumer, the ramifications of which we might find out a bit later.

Undoubtedly, the marketing landscape in India and the world has changed drastically because of the pandemic. But it is also to be noted that the pandemic has not ended yet, and we are nowhere sure that we have tackled this monster and to what extend is the situation under control. The marketing landscape may change more as the pandemic progresses or comes to and end, but what brands need to make sure is that they are ready to tackle any problem that might arise in the upcoming future!


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