5 Tips for Writing an Effective Press Release

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Press Release

Press Releases are one of the most important tools used in PR. It is used to send out important information to the target audience, in a structured and professional manner. PR professionals send the written press releases to the journalist, who then tends to decide whether it should be published or not. And since, every journalist receives a bunch of press releases from many PR professionals, it is important that the written press release is effective and interests the journalist. If the journalist thinks that there is something wrong with the release, he might even reject the release at the first glance itself. Here are some tips for PR and media professionals for drafting an effective press release, to increase the chances of getting it published:

Check whether the information is newsworthy

One of the most important things that one needs to check, even before you sit down to draft the press release, is to check whether the information that the press release aims to give out is newsworthy or not, and whether the target audience would want to know about the information being given out by the press release. Think about the purpose of the press release from the eyes of the target audience. For someone from the business itself, any new development might seem very important. What matters more is that the readers and the targeted stakeholders gain something from the press release.

Pay attention  to the title

Journalists tend to receive a lot of press releases. And with the time constraint, it is important that the press release makes a mark on the journalist at the first glance itself. The title plays a very important role in doing that. The title of a press release should give the gist what it is really about, and should give out some essential information so that the reader atleast has an idea about what the press release is about. The title should be to the point, and should not confuse the readers.

Conciseness and Completeness

Another thing to remember while drafting a press release is that it should be concise. The press release should be structured well, and only the relevant information should be given. A good word count for it, is around 300-400 words. The reader might lose their interest if it is too long. Secondly, it should have all the relevant information that is necessary to the announcement.  Again, the press release should leave the reader informed and  intrigued rather than confused. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we understand what makes a press release effective.

Usage of quotes

Often press releases have quotes in them. Including quotes from people from the brand can help the journalists. An important thing to remember when it comes to the usage of quotes, is that they should only be used to provide an insight or opinion on the announcement, rather than to give out information in the release. Using quotes to give out information is a common mistake that media professionals often make, and should be avoided.

Avoid difficult words or jargons

Lastly, media professionals should avoid using a lot of difficult words or jargons in the release. The press release should be catered towards the target audience, and should be easy to follow, for them. Using too many difficult words or jargons can make them confused, or make them lose interest. Try to use jargons only when absolutely necessary, and not otherwise.

These were just a few things to remember when drafting a press release. Press releases are a very significant tool in PR, and brands can benefit a lot from their effective usage. Keeping some of these tips in mind can help the brand to do so.

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