There is no doubt about the fact that our world is slowly becoming more and more digital by the hour. But does that mean that the traditional ways are becoming obsolete? The reports state otherwise. KPMG’s report last year talked about the fact that TV viewership is still very much prevalent in India and is nowhere near a decline. Readership surveys too have shown that the number of people still reading newspapers and magazines daily is enough to not dismiss it as a valuable means of communication. Further, the convergence of mediums has kept the relevance of the traditional means, further intact. When we talk about PR and marketing, the traditional tools continue to stay relevant in our very digital lives, even today. The data and the numbers are not the only reason that traditional tools are still used by PR professionals all over the globe, and are seen as quite effective too. Let’s look at some of the other reasons why they are still important today.

Increased brand awareness

Just like digital PR, traditional PR also benefits the brand by creating an increased amount of brand awareness around it. Since traditional tools have a good following, the chances of the customers getting exposed to the brand are high. Especially for people who do not use the internet or use it very minimally, and are more comfortable with the traditional tools; it helps the brand to reach such a consumer base.

Brand building

Customers are likely to trust your brand more if they have also seen or heard about you on the traditional mediums, than if your presence is just limited to the digital world. Since traditional mediums have been present for some time now, people are more likely to see your brand as a trustworthy one, if they know about you through traditional mediums too. Being the best PR agency in Delhi, we try to get maximum coverage on both the mediums, for all our clients.

One-way engagement

Another feature of the traditional mediums is that it a one-way communication process, more often. This acts as an advantage as there aren’t any negative comments or responses that can de-rail the conversation and the focus of the consumer, from the information. Often a negative reaction or a comment can shift the focus from the article towards itself, on the digital platforms available. Traditional mediums are effective in such situations too.

Trusted source of information

Everyone is well aware of the fact that the digital world has fueled the fire of fake information and news. Platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook have repeatedly tried to educate people about the importance of fact-checking before sharing something. In such a world, traditional mediums are seen as a better and more trustworthy source to derive information from. The belief that the medium has been around for a long time now and the fact that anything on there is very well researched makes it a more trusting source. Hence, consumers are likely to trust your brand too, if you manage to get coverage on a traditional medium and have a good presence on them.

A more widespread reach

Traditional mediums offer a widespread and targeted reach. Yes, it is not easy to track the actual impression made because of this factor, but it also means that often the impression is more than the estimated one. Traditional mediums have spent years building an audience for themselves, which has only expanded mostly, over the years, unlike digital platforms which have grown more in the last few years.

When choosing the medium to be used, a lot has to be considered by the brand, like their objectives, their target audience, their reach, and their content that is to be shared, amongst a few things. Both are equally important and most brands benefit the most when they use both, digital and traditional mediums in their mix. For the time being, it seems like that there will be an audience for the traditional mediums for some time now, and the recent numbers point to a hike in digital usage. Hence, integration is the answer.


Twenty7 Inc. is a creative communication PR Agency with 360-degree solutions for integrated brand building of the business/ clients. Deciphering the clients and their target audience, we devise customized innovative strategies that best suit the requirements of their business and fetches the desired result of establishing them as ingenious thought leaders in the sector. We at Twent7 Inc. have a very practical disposition and staunchly believe in adapting to the changing scenario of the market. Likewise, the narrative of the storytelling/ message is shaped to deliver exclusive results that stay relevant to the brand and also their audience.

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