5 PR Podcasts You Must Listen To NOW!

5 PR Podcasts You Must Listen To NOW!

Following our articles of book and movie recommendations, we are nowhere with podcasts!

No time to read? No time to watch movies?                                                           Don’t worry. We have got you covered.

With the country slowly beginning to “unlock,” travel and commute are crawling back into our lives and shazam! We have a way to make your mundane and hectic commutes productive and fun!

PR professionals strive for relevance in the world of Public Relations and are required to be conversant with all the latest industry trends, events, and the niche news that affect our clients – it’s virtually in the job description. The landscape can change without warning, and our work entails pivoting and adapting as required. However, given the ever-dynamic nature of the PR World and the never-ending news cycle, we would be lying if we denied that this is easier said than done.

Here is a list of 5 riveting podcasts to make you smarter while you drive/ commute:-

Inside PR

Hosted by Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley, and Martin Waxman, this social media and PR podcast involves the three industry veterans taking a weekly look at Public Relations and where it converges with business and technology. They assess the state of the PR industry, explore topical and provocative issues, discuss listener comments, and have occasional guest interviews. They also post Special Editions of Inside PR supplementing/ complementing the regular weekly episodes from time to time.

Frequency: 1 episode/week, Average Episode Length: 21 min

Since: April 2006

PR Week –

PR Week Review is a wellspring of top PR and communications stories, industry news, and the latest headlines for PR pros. A weekly delivery of interviews with the who’s who of the PR and communications world, stories, and opinions that will set you up to speed on all the industry action. Start with the first episode, and before you know it, you may find yourself on a binge to catch up on previous episodes.

Frequency: 1 episode / week

Since: July 2018

On The Media –

This Peabody Award-winning On the Media podcast is your guide to how the media’ sausage’ is made. “We cast an incisive eye on fluctuations in the marketplace of ideas and examine threats to the freedom of information and expression in America and abroad, ” says host Brooke Gladstone. For one hour every week, the show attempts to lift the veil from the process of “making media,” particularly news media, because it virtually is the lens through which we see the world.

Frequency: 1 episode/week, Average Episode Length: 60 min

Since: April 2020

PRmoment –

A series centered on the life stories of the crème de la crème’s of UK PR, this intriguing podcast features regular reviews of the media from a PR perspective and delves into high-profile PR campaigns. “We interview the leading lights of PR, find out what it’s like to work in the sector, and talk to leading journalists about their media requirements.” says host Ben Smith.

Frequency: 1 episode/week, Average Episode Length: 40 min

Since: March 2010

PR and Law Podcast –

Hosted by Hong Kong-based PR executive Cam MacMurchy and Toronto-based employment lawyer Ewan Christie, the PR & Law Podcast examines daily affairs through a public relations and legal lens, sharing insights and practical advice with interested parties- entrepreneurs, in-house counsel, communications professionals, and just about anyone who takes an interest in the business.

Frequency: 1 episode/week, Average Episode Length 51 min

Since: April 2020

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