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5 Digital Platforms That Every Brand Should Try Out

Over the last decade, our world has become more and more digital with the passing of time. In fact, last year’s pandemic fastened this process even more. The internet today affects almost all aspects of our lives; but most importantly it impacts our mind, our behavior, and our lifestyle in major ways. When we talk about the marketing world, the internet is also a good place to create brand awareness and spread information about what a brand stands for and what it believes in. Today, so many digital platforms are available that it might be confusing to decide on the brand one wants to go for. No matter how many platforms come out each year, there are a few every brand should try its hands at. These might not only help the customers to understand the brand better, but also could help the brand understand the customers, and attract potential customers to it too.


With a very large user base, Instagram is one of the leading platforms, not only when it comes to social media, but the Internet in general. A large base for this platform consists ofpeople under the age of 25, and it is perfect for sharing pictures, memes, and small videos that the brand curates. Features like Instagram Live can also help the audience to understand the brand better. It is also a leading platform for influencer marketing and moment marketing today.


A leading, if not the most popular platform, Facebook has a monthly user base of over two billion people today. Most people have or had a Facebook account, at some point in their lives. Even more popular amongst Millenials and Gen X, Facebook is a platform that can help the brand to spread awareness about themselves. Uploading photos, videos, posts, holding contests, holding lives; Facebook offers a bunch of features for every brand to experiment with, and to find what works for them.


Twitter has a monthly user base of over 330 million, and is more popular amongst people of ages 18 to 50. It is perfect for giving the netizens an update on the brand’s activities, interacting with them, answering any of their queries, and for moment marketing too. The challenge on this platform is to spread the information within the word limit that it offers. The tweets hence, need to be concise, interesting, eye-grabbing, and informative. Although it is not as popular as Facebook, it still has a very diverse and big user base. Big enough that brands should not miss out on.


LinkedIn is the top name when we talk about professional platforms on the internet. The platform is very formal, and is better for B2B brands, more than any other form. Besides that, it is also perfect for brands to network with influencers, decision-makers, and even their competitors. It often helps to attract new internal stakeholders. Being the PR agency in Delhi, we make sure that our clients have a good presence on all relevant platforms, and curate content accordingly.


Another leading name on the internet, with a monthly user base of over two billion people, YouTube is another platform that offers many features. Especially when we talk about video content, YouTube is a great platform for a campaign video, for corporate films, influencer marketing, and other content created by the brand. In fact, it is considered to be the second most popular search engine. A good following, along with a good viewership can act very well for the brand and help them in many ways.

These were just a few popular names when we talk about brands establishing a presence on the digital landscape. The internet offers many more platforms for the brands to choose from, and choosing the media mix can be a bit tricky often. What brands need to keep in mind is that instead of branching out on all platforms, it is better to stick to a small number of platforms and curate top-quality content on those. If the content is good enough, netizens will anyhow talk and spread the word to other platforms too!