5 Benefits of Using Twitter as a PR Tool

5 Benefits of Using Twitter as a PR Tool

Social media is no longer used just as something where people chat or socialize with one another. Over the years, it has evolved into something much more than that. Especially when we talk about social media and its importance in the marketing world, there is a lot to discuss. When it comes to the field of digital PR too, social media platforms can be very crucial for brands. It can help them in various ways. One such social media tool is Twitter. As a popular social media platform, it can help a brand in many ways when it comes to PR. Let’s discuss some ways in which Twitter can act as an effective PR tool for brands.

Increased brand exposure

One of the main reasons brands use social media more and more is because it increases brand exposure. Considering the reach, Twitter can achieve this for the brands. One trending tweet can grab the attention of the brands and also increase their reach many folds. It helps the brand in attracting new and potential consumers. The trending tweets often get featured on other media outlets and it is beneficial for the brand and its coverage.

More engagement

Twitter has the USP of engaging with its users. A bunch of characters and a tweet are ready. It’s one of the easiest ways for users to engage with others using the platform. When used well by brands, Twitter can help the brand increase the engagement rate with the help of users it has on its platform. More engagement means more people are resonating with and liking the content of the brand. Likewise, it can help in more brand awareness and get new customers for the brand.

Monitoring your competition

Another benefit that comes by using Twitter is that brands can easily track their competitors. With the help of a platform like Twitter, keeping track of what other users are saying about your brand becomes easier. In addition to this, brands can get to know their competitors. Further, the brand can also compare its engagement rate with its competitors. Being amongst the Best PR Agency in India, we understand the importance of Twitter as a PR tool and the benefits of using it for brands. 


Another reason why brands should start using Twitter is for the intensive networking tool it offers. As we had talked about before, Twitter is a tool that is all about engagement. With Twitter, businesses and brands can get to network a bit and can get a chance to connect with people. It proves to be beneficial for the brand in some ways. Often, this feature is liked by users of the platform and can be used by brands as well. 

Showcasing the brand’s voice

Lastly, another reason why Twitter should be used by brands is for the light it brings to the personality of the brand. It showcases to the consumers what the brand stands for, what their plans are, what their personality is like. It can help the brand to showcase its voice to the users of the platform. Nowadays, consumers want to know a brand better before buying from them. They want to have a personal touch on the brands they buy from. And Twitter can be a great platform for brands to bridge the gap, and give a better peak to the consumers. 

Twitter can become a very beneficial PR tool for brands when used effectively. All brands need to remember that if they put out content that resonates with their voice, there are possibilities to be liked by the consumers as well. The benefits of the tool are many. But a lot also depends on how effectively the brand uses the platform. 

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